Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Keanu Reeves: Man Of Integrity

Never let it be said that Keanu Reeves is not a man of integrity. He said no to a sequel to this:

And said no to this:

And said no to playing Racer X in this:

Way back when, he said no to this:

But a sequel to this?

Perhaps. A man has to have his priorities.


  1. I dunno, maybe he wants to do something fun. Plus, I can't say I'm not intrigued to see how the adult Bill & Ted would handle themselves in a world (pardon the phrase) that *wasn't* reshaped by Wyld Stallyns.

  2. Lord knows Alex Winter could use the work.

  3. I love this from the interview, about the Wyld Stallions at 50

    And where will the Wyld Stallions be then? The same place they are now, laughed Reeves, “in each and every one of us.”


  4. The Bill & Ted remake has been thrown around the past couple of years (Alex said even after the one-season TV show), and no script has ever come out of it. MGM has distribution rights of the two films and animated series, though I think the new production rights are with FOX.

    adam, Alex Winter has been working just fine since Bogus Journey; he is a director and recently helmed Ben 10: Race Against Time and has been working with Alan Rickman on a new feature as of late.

  5. Alex Winter's The Idiot Box was pretty good. Actually he's not doing that bad, check it out.....

    Good for him. Now if they could do a Bill and Ted and Death movie with a cameo of Station on some wild adventure with Britney Spears trying to stop the Wyld Stallions from becoming anything and throw in a Terminator-esque time/space continium aspect and I think everything will be ok in the world.

    Awesome! "speed air guitar gesture"

  6. God gave rock and roll to everyone, but hopefully he can give us Bill and Ted 3. =3

  7. I just can't believe he turned down a chance to play Superman. Also: station!!!

  8. Here's something really inexplicable that might shake your faith in Mr. Reeves:

  9. The man is starring in a remake of The Day the Earth Stood Still. Let's not start passing out the integrity medals just yet.

  10. You know, depite the fact that they changed the character completely (from a brit modeled after Sting to an amercian) I didn;t think that the Constatine movie was bad at all. I actually enjoyed it and would have went to see a sequel.


    Bill and Ted back again...sort of.