Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Occasional Links: The I Believe In Harvey Dent Edition

Spider-skills come handy when you're a window-washer. From Shanghaiist

Basically, it's what happens when you take famous comic writers like Peter David, Gail Simone, Jim Shooter, and many more, and...

"...three writers are given the same 6 page chapter to script without knowing anything about the plot or being allowed to speak to one another. The authors let their muses take them (and you) on a literary trip that only they could craft."

This sound like a lot of fun! And they're apparently FREE! Holy crap! Go download 'em! (but don't share 'em 'cause WOWIO gets paid per download)

  • Did Erik Larsen originally want to make Elektra a Skrull way-back-when?

"I wrote an opening scene in an issue of Nova the Human Rocket with an Elektra Skrull being arrested and hauled off after a battle with ol’ bucket-head and Ralph Macchio caught it (who knew he was paying attention?) and had me take it out (I swapped in a Savage Dragon Skrull, which allowed me to get in a free plug for my Image book) and that was the end of it."

I think they are sort of reminiscent of the Batman Returns ones. All-black posters, one each focusing on each main character, then a poster with all three of them:

  • Holy crap again -- they've got a Galaxy Quest comic?! You mean, Galaxy Quest as in Tim Allen Galaxy Quest comic?!!!!

It's from IDW Publishing and hits stands in August.

  • Finally, it's exactly what you need to buy for the Summer...your very own Charlie Chaplin axe-murderer t-shirt from Threadless:

(via Superpunch)


  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    I remember Larsen writing in an online column many years ago how he wanted to make Elektra a Skrull. (Not to kick off a massive crossover, but just to return her to a Miller-approved state of deadness. In fact, I think a SHIELD agent was supposed to say "We knew she was a fake, because she died years ago.") When the Elektra-Skrull first appeared, I thought of that old column.

    Chaplin did play a mass killer in Monsieur Verdoux, although he wasn't quite the Tramp in that film. It's a good film with political commentary way ahead of its time. "Numbers sanctify."


  2. Check the link on the batman posters (it's duping the spider-man story).

  3. "Check the link on the batman posters (it's duping the spider-man story)."

    fixed it -- thanks :-)

  4. I remembered Erik Larsen saying that, too -- in fact, when I read that issue of "The New Avengers," he was one of the first people I thought of.

    I read about it in Usenet, and sure enough, if you don't mind my excerpting a post Larsen made on rec.arts.comics.marvel.universe, dated Jan. 25, 1999, called "The NOVA/ELEKTRA scene you'll never see...":

    The interum editor Ralph Macchio made me take out the following from Nova#3...
    1- Splash page-- leave room for title, credits and indicia. Night. In a filthy, Frank Miller style alley, Elektra stands surrounded by Nova, Namorita, Speedball and Rage. Elektra looks defeated and she has the face of a Skrull! Clearly, Elektra has just been defeated in some brawl and the New Warriors have captured her.

    ...In a Scooby Doo-esque moment, Elektra-Skrull says "Sure I disguised myself as Daredevil's old girlfriend-- and I would have gotten away with it too if it hadn't been for you kids!"

    2- The police take over-- hauling Elektra away, who's now wearing high-tech handcuffs. An officer, who looks remarkably similar to Frank Miller, says "To be perfectly frank-- we've been suspicious of her for quite some time-- the real Elektra died some time ago."