Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mr. T Vs. Dracula

An April Fool's joke? We at OS sure hope not!

The comic's author Christopher Bunting says,

"When I proposed these crossovers, Mohawk Media jumped at the chance and went to great lengths to make them happen. Who can blame them? Two legends ... a living legend and an undead legend ... going toe to toe. It doesn't get much more exciting than that!"

And Mr. T comments:

"All these suckers with their fancy powers! They need a reality check, and only one guy can do that, and that's me, Mr. T!"

Wouldn't it be simply awesome if it was really true?

I also like how he's wearing of of those "Chuck Norris And His Karate Kommandos" jumpsuits:


  1. Please let this be true.

  2. I was sent the press release and asked if I wanted more info.

    I wrote back that I would, but I wasn't entirely convinced this wasn't an April fools.

    They never wrote back, so who knows. I pity the fools anyway.

  3. So its probably not real? Damn, that would have been epic awesome.