Tuesday, April 22, 2008

The Second Life Of Vertigo Comics

The Vertigo news from this weekend was, to be sure, intriguing. From Newsarama's coverage:

"Karen Berger then explained that Vertigo will be expanding their graphic novel efforts. Although they’ve published two to four original graphic novels a year in the past, “including terrific, critically acclaimed work, like The Quitter, Incognegro, Cairo and Sentences,” Vertigo wanted to expand this area now...They’re hoping creators will approach them with work that might’ve previously only found a home with companies such as Pantheon, Top Shelf or First Second. "

From my post on how to fix Vertigo from 10/22/07:

"Or maybe it should try its hand at original graphic novels along the lines of what Top Shelf & Fantagraphics Press -- and Image! -- put out. Maybe their "goth" and "Brit" period is over. Maybe they should be printing books like Tom Neely's Ignatz-winning "The Blot" and First Second's "Laika.""

I'm just sayin'...


  1. Which is fine-- probably better. I still think Vertigo should release some of their characters to be used in the DCU-- yes, I too worry that Dream might end up in a knuckleduster with the Spectre or something horrendous, but think of the stories we are missing by not having a chance to use these guys.

  2. Just goes to show; the lady knows her stuff! Either that or they're secretly reading your blog and taking the ideas. Hmmmmmmmm...