Monday, April 28, 2008

"She Yam What She Yam"

I came across this Popeye strip over at Scans Daily, and found it rather amusing (nay, perhaps even touching).

Popeye on "exter bad women" (in this case, the Sea Hag):

"If they wasn't no bad women maybe we wouldn't appreciate the good ones. Anyway, she yam what she yam."


  1. Aye, Popeye is a good guy.

  2. Actually it IS very touching indeed.
    And I think the same rings true for men as well.
    And in a more philosophical level, considering nobody is completely good or bad, maybe it is precisely the bad inside ourselves that makes it possible for us to appreiate the good.
    Oh, and sorry I don't comment more often.

  3. Ah ha! That's where I know the term 'sea hag' from!

    Good ol'Popeye. Now where's my spinach?


  4. Coastal cutthroat/you dirty switch/you're on again...

    Sorry, any and all "hag" references make me think of the Breeders and their song. About a hag.

    Yeah, I love Popeye's worldview here. Bad, good, you have to be who you are. And it's ok!