Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Oh, Noes!

Everything I Noes Is A Lie!


  1. you know, i was very ambivalent about this event. i figured i might read the trade if it got mostly positive reviews. but this unabashed onslaught of teasers and such has soured me completely from caring.

    it went from maybe "there is a monster under your bed!!!" to "even you bed is a monster!!!" and while i sometimes do not get a good night's sleep, i know damn well my bed is far from monstrous.

    over selling is a bigger problem than under selling. when the idea is totally stagnant before the 1st issue arrives, well you know you have a problem.

    seriously enough!

  2. You know... I wonder if Marvel would take a BIG risk and totally go out and make every single hero in those ads a Skrull.

    I mean... imagine that ALL of them are Skrulls. ALL.

    Wow. That NOW would be bold.

    It would make the heads of like... 75% of Mervel's fan explode... but it WOULD be bold.

    I agree with Nadir that it's getting to be overkill here... but I still am interested in what's going on here. If done right... this could be the best thing Marvel has done in forever.

  3. "You know... I wonder if Marvel would take a BIG risk and totally go out and make every single hero in those ads a Skrull. "

    See, while I think the Greg Horn promos were nicely done (I realize some people hate them, but I think they're pretty awesome), I think fans are so jaded from promised "this will change everything" storylines that many immediately discount the possibility these characters could really be Skrulls.

    But what is the alternative? I mean my God -- can you imagine what would happen if the majority of these characters really were impostors for the last 20 years or more? How the fans would react?

    It's a catch-22. Personally, I think Secret Invasion will take a middle-of-the road approach on this issue.

  4. The imposters will be Red Rocket 7, Lana Lang, and . . .

    Oh. Right. Wrong company.

  5. It's April 1 -- I trust no one.

    I have a hard time imagining how these particular promos would turn me off of this book -- they're just pictures, promoting the idea of uncertainty. I think the shots of big stars that could be Skrulls aren't promises that they are... just encouragement to imagine that they could be.

    And as for overselling versus underselling? Overselling gets the job done every time. There's another word for overselling: Selling. Underselling just doesn't cut it.

  6. That Cap one is hilarious and made me think of "Home Alone" instantly.

  7. I am so burned out on Skrulls now. I never want to see another one of those wrinkly green chins, and the first issue isn't even out yet.

  8. You guys are tripping. This sounds like an AMAZING event. Its no Final Crisis (Marvel events tend to not be as epic as DC events, in my opinion) but wow - talk about suspense and intrigue! But hey - I've never been cool enough to be cynical, so what do I know?

  9. See, I want a parody of those ads, but with someone eating a burger or something.

  10. But wouldn't it be interesting if Captain America (Rogers, not Bucky) turned out to have been a Skrull somehow.

    That would make it considerably easier for the inevitable comeback we all know is going to happen.

  11. Has someone already parodied them by putting Joe Quesada and Brian Michael Bendis mugshots in place of the Skrulls?

  12. That could be the way for Marvel to bring back the real Captain America. Imagine, the one shot was a skrull and the replacement also...if the readers don't like him, they can substitute him ( kidnap/kill/whatever works ) and replace him with the real deal...

  13. Those posters would be fine. Except it's WHOM. WHOOOOOMMM!!!

    Ok. I'm ok.

  14. It's "Whom" if you're reading grammar books or style guides written in the 60s. If you're reading grammar books or style guides written in the 90s on, "Who" is just fine.

  15. I'm a magazine editor with my 2003 AP style guide right gives no wiggle room, I assure you.

    But seriously, of course I understand why they did it that way, "Whom Do You Trust" sounds lame and precious and no one talks like that. Some of us just get the skin-crawlies anyway. :)