Monday, March 31, 2008

Christopher Walken Turns 65

Christopher Walken turns 65 today. He's still going strong, and has been married to the same lucky lady since 1969. You are teh awesome, Mr. Walken. Hope you celebrate with some cham-pahn-yah.


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  1. I saw him on Conan O'Brien once and he said after the interview he and his wife were going out for Chinese.

    Conan asked him at one point what he was thinking about, and he said something along the lines of, "I'm... thinking about water chestnuts. I love Chinese food."

    Then he invited Conan to come along.

    Walken also revealed that on movies, he likes to begin acting down, like something is depressing him. When asked about it, he tells everyone it's his birthday and he feels a little sad about working on his birthday.

    Invariably, someone feels bad enough about the situation to get him a big birthday cake, which he shares with everyone. He does this because he likes birthday cakes.

  2. Great stories, Joel. He's a real food lover. Have you seen him cook Chicken with Pears?

  3. If you haven't seen it yet look for Walken Three Pigs on youtube.

    Soooo hysterical. My poor daughter...

  4. "I gotta have more cowbell!"

  5. Christopher Walken reads "The Three Little Pigs":

  6. Love his rendition of the Three Little Pigs, but swinebread's right - needs more cowbell.