Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Laurence Fishburne To Join CSI as "Dexter" Type Character?

I tend to watch the various iterations of "Law and Order" rather than the "CSI" shows. But this proposed cast addition to "CSI" sounds interesting...

Larry Fishburne would replace William Petersen on the show, playing a new scientist/doctor on the show whose profile is just like a serial killer's -- except he has never acted on his homicidal impulses. This would make the character similar, in a sense, to that of the title character in Showtime's hit "Dexter."

Other actors in the running for the role: John Malkovich and Kurt Russell.

I like that plot twist; makes me wish I thought of it.

For my money, though, nobody beats this guy:


  1. Yeah! Vincent is the man!

  2. I can't say I care for the 'Dexter-lite' twist on the character, but if it means weekly Fishburne, I might finally watch CSI a little more.

  3. I'm with you, I prefer L&O to CSI but if its between Fishburn and Russel my money is on Russel - he's never made a bad acting performance

  4. Anonymous6:52 PM

    Vincent is great. I remember when my wife and i started watching 'Criminal Intent' we couldn't get past the fact that he knew everything about everything ("these coffee grounds come from a very small field on the southern end of columbia!"). but then we realized that if we pretend he's really BATMAN, it makes the show 100% enjoyable. We dig it. It's my favorite of the L&Os.

  5. It's even MORE like William Pederson's character in Manhunter, which is a great movie.

  6. L&O has gotten boring over the years, but it's still 100x better AND more realistic than CSI. Plus, unlike the CSIs, it's actually FILMED where it's supposed to take place. CSI: NY really ticked me off in that respect (and, FYI, in NYC it'd be CSU).

    Can't say Fishburne joining would make it any incentive to watch that crud.

  7. D'Onofrio FTW. He's the only reason I'll watch any of those shows, "CI" being just the one.

    Malkovich would be almost too perfect, and I suspect he'd bolt within a fairly short amount of time. Russell's getting old, so I could see him as the safest bet for sticking around. Fishburne would be the most interesting, and the most likely to fit within the team dynamic, rather than taking over the show.

  8. indeed, the only law and order i like is criminal intent.
    bobby is a great character.

  9. Lawrence Fishburne is awesome. Kurt Russell is a legend. Still, I can't believe that nobody here has cried out for Malkovich! John Malkovich on a weekly TV Show?? Wow, would that be awesome. I'll be checking out CSI again after a couple seasons off if any of those three actors are involved.

    I'm down for D'onofrio, too, Val. It's just too bad that he apparently can't keep it together for the full 22-episode seasons that NBC/Universal/USA want to produce. With Chris Noth leaving and the show on basic cable, it's a good time to make L&O:CI Vincent-only and drop it to 13 episodes/year.

    And Cooler King? Props for mentioning Manhunter. Far and away a better movie than Red Dragon (same story, for those who don't know) despite the much smaller budget. That movie was the reason I jumped into CSI when it started.

  10. I just saw Kurt Russell in Used Cars and man is he ever great in that. That, Escape from New York and Tombstone.

    But Kurt Russell in a weekly TV series? I don't think that'll ever happen. He doesn't need the money and he's never been one of those "exposure" type actors. He has a kind of "take it or leave it" attitude and just does the roles he wants to do. At the same time, I'm sure he also doesn't get to do some of the roles he wants to do.

    Which is a shame because the guy's kind of like Used Cars himself- an underappreciated classic.

    As far as I'm concerned he is the ONLY screen Wyatt Earp that matters.

  11. Manhunter FTW! It's also the reason I jumped into CSI from day one.

    For my money, it's not only better than Red Dragon, but also better than Silence of the Lambs, and Brian Cox was a much scarier Lecter than Anthony Hopkins (who was muzzled so he'd quit chewing the scenery).

    The climactic scene in the Tooth Fairy's house is brilliant -- Mann has always been a master of matching a scene or scenes to a strong piece of music.