Thursday, August 21, 2008

Marie Severin Birthday Tribute: Fallen Angels #3

In commemoration of Marie Severin's 79th birthday, I wanted to run some art from a recent discovery I made: Marie's guest pencilling on Marvel's Fallen Angels #3, from 1987.

I absolutely love her art in this issue (with inks by Tom Palmer!), her comic timing for the extended "origin of Gomi" sequence perfect. In fact, this issue had largely females working on it -- script by Jo Duffy, and edits by Ann Nocenti. This was the 1980s, folks -- such occurrences were not uncommon.

For those not familiar with Fallen Angels, it was supposed to be another mutant teen team book, but with more of an edge. Gomi was a telekinetic nerd with a telepathic connection to two sentient lobsters, Don and Bill.

Lobster likes Chicken McNuggets

Gomi means "garbage" -- but he doesn't know that

Evil geniuses with a crush on Marvel Girl ... to create a substitute "dream girl" with all of her powers

Unable to eat Gomi or his lobsters, the scientists retreat --
and a hero is born!

Grant Morrison???


  1. oh, i loved fallen angels way back when.

    totally agree on the grant reference. and that 1st pic totally looks like something that might have been inspirational to the invisibles.

    what was the date of this issue? had grant gone and done doom patrol yet? or was he just still on animal man?

    did his majicks simple distill himself into other books?

    and what happened to the marvel age once mentioned fallen angels book 2???

  2. I was thinking the same thing when I saw that! Grant must indeed be a mystic!

  3. Marie Severin. Wow brings back some great memories!


    Holy crap. That means I'm getting up there too.

    Happy Birthday Marie!


  4. Anonymous2:55 PM

    That lobster ripped a phone book in half.


    That comic is mine next time I'm at Bizarro Wuxtry's.

  5. Jajaja, yes! Is Grant Morrison of earth-93

  6. I also loved Fallen Angels. It was fun and goofy. They were kids and dropouts who managed to no have any overblown angst get in the way of goofy fun. Also: DEVIL DINOSAUR WAS A MEMBER! I don't think they ever explained how Devil quit the team and left New York. Fallen Angels needs a relaunch.

  7. Grant Morrison IS the Vanisher!

    I loved Fallen Angels and was always kinda bummed that after their mini they never showed up again. Siryn and Madrox's relationship was retconned, Boom Boom ended up in New Mutants, Sunspot and Warlock headed back there too...but poor Gomi and Don and Bill were the Maggot of the 80s!

  8. Bizarro Wuxtry! An Athenian? On a comics blog? I miss that place, I sure do!

    Marie Severin is awesome. You should look in the Marvel Planet of the Apes magazines, the old b&w ones, for some hilarious fake rivalry between her and Don McGregor.

    In issue #6, she caricatures herself as goodness personified, and him as malignant hairy dwarf she knocks off the table with one left-handed swipe.

    And this amazing drawing ran under HIS editorial!

    Hats off to Marie Severin!

  9. In my opinion both Severins rock, the highlight of the Incredible Hulk Omnibus was her work. It had something different than the marvel house style that the rest of the artists had. I think she's the bee's knees.