Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fox To "Kill" Watchmen Movie?

From Variety:

"A judge has denied a Warner Bros. motion to dismiss 20th Century Fox’s lawsuit over Warners’ right to make a film based on the graphic novel "Watchmen."

Ruling is potentially a huge victory for Fox, which could wind up as a profit participant in the film, and could cost Warners millions considering the film’s box office prospects. However, Fox’s legal team says it isn’t looking for monetary compensation and instead wants to prevent the big-budget film from being released altogether."

See, this is what happens when you make films against the wishes of a self-proclaimed "magus"...

Still, if this lawsuit really does hold up or "kill" the movie, that's gonna piss a lot of fans off.

Could it really happen?
"Surprisingly, Fox said it would rather see the film killed instead of collecting a percentage of the box office."

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  1. "Surprisingly, Fox said it would rather see the film killed instead of collecting a percentage of the box office."

    I read this on the original article and smirked. Fox are just jockeying for position. Turn down big $ out of spite and a desire to take Warners down a peg or two?

    Not likely.

  2. It's this kind of stuff that makes me fume when people talk about how the market and profit motive are always right. Now, I don't know all the ins and outs of this.Maybe Fox has a good case. However, what sense does it make to keep something out of the public view, instead of getting your cut of the proceeds?

    it's reminds of those records companies that keep albums off the market, because they "know" it won't sell.

  3. Cancel that "self-proclaimed"! He's a magus!

  4. FOX being a bunch of dicks about something, yeah, THAT'S, a change.

  5. Remember when the Spidey movies were grossing hundreds of millions, and the studio was saying they hadn't made a profit?

    I wonder if their reason for trying to kill the movie rather than sharing in "profits" is because most Hollywood movies tend find ways to end up at "cost" on the books, rather than at a profit. It's only when a movie does much better than expected (ie: Dark Knight) that they seem to actually put it in the "profit" column.

  6. Anonymous2:12 PM

    Agree with Rich. Funny that they'd even pretend.

    Course, if the exec from Warner is anything like Allen Grey in Entourage, you never know.

  7. Re: Otis

    The flip side of that is that Fox probably paid X million dollars for the rights at some point. If they are correct they shouldn't have to "take a cut". They are entitled to do their own film and take all the proceeds.

    I personally hope it's a bunch of BS as I'm eagerly awaiting the film.

  8. Does "genius" have to go along with "crazy"???

    Alan Moore has been one of my favourite writers since forever but "magus"???

    Errr I better watch what I write or he may turn me into a "dog"...