Monday, August 11, 2008

Okay, what should I do with this site?

EDIT: I've just found another template that blows the one at the link right out of the water. So I'm going to start from scratch again, probably have the new one up in a few days.

What do you think?

Built it up more over the weekend, I'm pretty happy with it, though it still needs tweaking.

It's definitely more a magazine than a blog.

Definitely more ambitious than I had envisioned.

Question: if you were reading a new comics site, what sort of info would you want most?

* Previews
* Interviews
* Reviews
* Op-Ed
* Short, fun features ("The Top Ten Male Superheroes With Red Hair")
* Non-comics stuff -- movies, TV, videogames

Not sure I have the time to really do a site like this, so it's something for me to really ponder.


  1. You are a fan with 'back-stage' access, so I would defnitely like interviews.

    I also would like previews/reviews ... but would prefer to hear what you have read and liked rather than what has been lacking.

    And the occasional silliness (best red-head) would be a nice change of pace.

  2. Op-ed is the thing you can do so well that most sites can't do at all. I like your reviews a lot. Interviews would be fun.

  3. Personally I think Interviews, reviews and op-eds would be a more interesting feature of a site like this. Previews are kind of a dime a dozen. Quirky short features could be an interesting spice'em up, but is best used in small doses.

    You're life in comics has taken you from a fan, to an editor, to a creator. You've got interesting perspectives to the buisness, market, culture and content of comics. That's what keeps me coming to this blog an seeing that insight through reviews interviews and op-eds would be a real draw. Good luck! I look forward to seeing what it becomes.

  4. id liek to read interview when available, but also just an op-ed on current and previous stories and happenings in the comic related world. reviews would be cool too

  5. Interviews is a yes! I think the insider's perspective will bring a welcome change to the typical comic/media blog. You expert opinion certainly sets you apart.

    And there must be lots of Italian Spiderman.

    Seriously, we need more Italian Spiderman.

  6. I definitely dig the layout; it's clean and visually compelling without being overwhelming. It actually reminds me more of a newspaper.

    As far as content, I'm a little leery of interviews, to be honest. Or, at least, interviews in the "Coming Attractions" vein; that's Newsarama or CBR stuff. Maybe something more issue-oriented? Maybe bring in people from, say, Girl Wonder or Racialicious as guest columnists/reviewers?

  7. It's quite ambitious, so keep in mind the time and energy required to do it in a manner that's consistent with your values, aesthetics and other sensibilities.

    From a competitive angle, it might be better to align with an existing entity and let them deal with some of the more mundane issues so you can just deal with "content."

    But whatever; it's your time to do with what you will.

  8. Anonymous7:55 PM

    I value your op-ed pieces above all others. But I also favor the short fun pieces and a dash of the non-comics stuff because I love all things pop culture.

  9. To be honest, I find most comic news sites uninteresting in part because the writing isn't that good.

    Previews and reviews are plentiful, unless you have a consistent perspective that is different from the others out there.

    Yet, I'm looking for two things:

    1) Books to read that I might have missed before, probably an underrated comic.

    Reading another preview, interview or news article about the latest corssover just doesn't interest me.

    2) A take or commentary that cuts across titles.

    At first, I was a little surprised at the range of categories--toys, movies, etc. But when you consider that comics aren't just comic books but a culture, it's actually expanding into different areas.