Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Girls Night Out

also known as, "what female comic book fans do when not reading comics"
also known as, "who needs medication when you have a hot Australian?"

On Sunday a bunch of friends inaugurated what will henceforth be known as "Girls Night Out," a journey of self-exploration, drinking, and discussing Nightwing.

Yes, I wore my special "Iron Man" t-shirt,
because I was trying to be fancy

Australians in background

First stop, "Blade Runner Sushi" -- not its real name, but what we like to call it on account of all its neon. I tend to fall asleep after my second glass of anything, so I decided to pace myself and NOT have the sake -- which was fine until someone said. "You know what I like? Sake!"

The Beauty Bar

Second stop, The Beauty Bar, where one can get both a drink and a manicure for $10. By this point, I had consumed a bit of sake at Blade Runner Sushi, so I was pulling out my wallet and saying "Dammit, who wants to get their nails done? My treat!"

An ode to Joe Strummer

Third stop, The Sunburnt Cow, an Australian bar which was the scene of the crime several weeks ago for one of our group, Tiffany. As she reminisced about the 6'4" rugby player from Melbourne who swept her off her feet ("eight times!" was our new catchphrase), I decided to stop drinking and sober up for the train ride home. I swore to God that the free shots of passion-fruit tequila the bartender gave us had Red Bull in it, because I became more awake with every glass.

And, alas, the best photo of me from the batch we took featured me holding up my middle finger. Cropped:
Face of pure joy

Whatever the case, by the time we left The Sunburnt Cow to follow a bunch of young Australian tourists who asked us to "hang out and show them where the good places were," I had assumed my hat of "oldest person in this group," as well as the hat they gave me earlier in the night, "Taken" (as in: "Single, single, taken"). As we sat in the 24-hour restaurant 7A for a late-night hybrid dinner/breakfast, I sipped on coffee and counted the minutes I was back home with my sweetie.

Because as much as I meticulously planned this night -- every venue, every awesomeness -- I honestly realized in the end that the most satisfying thing for me was just those ordinary days I have with my BF.

But if you were wondering what some female comic book fans do for fun, here you go.


This is Tiffany's world, we're just living in it.


  1. OH goddamn! It's not even close to lunch time and I desire many fries! Friiiiieeeeeessssss! Seriously, those look really damn tasty.

  2. Nights like that are awesome! Except, not as awesome when you're in Norwich (UK) where they've never heard of manicure bars and there's a distinct lack of hot Australians.
    Still, I know the sort of night you mean!

  3. Sounds like fun! Please let Tiffany know I said Hi!


  4. Anonymous11:14 AM

    m totally jealous of the Iron Man tshirt. And the Australians ;)

  5. Soooo, can you put a good word in for a reader with Tiffany? Ahem.

  6. Anonymous12:10 PM

    I would post pictures of my own night out last night, but since it was basically me and a friend from Java class talking about the awesomeness of New Frontier and Rene Montoya, it would probably not be helpful to anyone.

  7. Awww. I love nights like that.

    I would pay good money to see footage of you drunkenly offering to buy the manicures/pedicures.

  8. Girl's Night Out. There is a story or two in that title :)

    Hell I'd even get a pedicure if there was booze involved.

    Jus kidding. I don't even need the booze!


  9. I think I'm just going to put Tiffany's face on the OS banner. :-D

  10. I like really fun nights out like that but have the added bonus of including my supercool wife. Those usually end with an ultrafun drunken dance party (well, the two us) in our living room.

  11. Anonymous4:33 PM

    You don't find that the smell of all of that nail polish/remover interferes with the drinking fun?

  12. You mean your friends are single? Hot damn! And they like comics! (just kidding...if I wanted to hook up with fangirls, I would have done via Friends of Lulu!)

    Getting a pedicure while drunk... wake up with strange pictures appliqued to your nails. Kinda like what us guys do with tattoo parlors!

    The best part of a night out drinking? The 3 AM diner "breakfast". In the midwest, that usually meant Denny's or Perkins (also used for late night studying, order the bottomless pot of coffee) or Village Inn (breakfast 24/7, and great pies!) but here in New York, there has to be a counter, signed photos of celebrities, and at least one press clipping.

    And while Australia is a nice country, it pales in coolness to New Zealand. (Go read "Hicksville", AND Footrot Flats!)

  13. joe strummer, awesome.

    and fancy ironman shirt indeed.

  14. Nights out with friends rock.

  15. Anonymous10:58 PM

    Hang on... _I'M_ a hot Australian, and no-one's ever dragged me out for a Girl's Night Out... admittedly, I'm not a girl, but still...

  16. I am completely in favor of allowing hot Australians to join Girl's Night Out. Of course, as has been established, the male ones are a bit of a weakness of mine, so I should probably defer to Val's better judgment.

    And Peter, I see your "hi", and hello back.

  17. Dude, I am SO pleased that the name "Blade Runner Sushi" caught on.