Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Bigfoot Body Found, and a question...

So apparently this dude found the dead body of a genuine Bigfoot and is now keeping it in a freezer in lieu of its grand unveiling in September. I shit you not. Or maybe I do...we'll see in September.

My question is:

If this was really the body of a genuine Bigfoot, wouldn't the authorities or the military get involved?

You announce to the public: "I have the corpse of a 9-foot as-of-yet undiscovered lifeform in a freezer in my shed." The FBI doesn't get involved? Mulder doesn't get sent down to check it out?

And since the Bigfoot is humanoid, aren't there legal issues here about holding on to the body? Was it a homicide or a natural death? Shouldn't there be any inquest? Should there be a proper burial?

I'm very open-minded about these X-Files type things, but I have a hard time with Bigfoot. Because if there really are these large creatures living in pockets of the United States, where are the bones? Wouldn't there be more dead bodies found?

And if the creatures are so advanced that they know how to stay away from humans and to assiduously bury their dead as to not be discovered -- what business does anybody have keeping their corpses in one of those portable freezer containers?


  1. Anonymous11:25 AM

    Why wait until September? Is it considered rude to unveil a bigfoot before Labor Day?

  2. The thing is, there isn't a Mulder. The government, well. Whatever. What do they care about endangered or new animals? There are singing effing whales, the government doesn't care about them.

  3. Sounds fishy. If the guy is worried about making money off of this, I am sure he could he find an agent or some way to lease the body to the government for study. and still maintain rights to photos, books, stories, etc. Waiting til September sounds like a hoax in the making.

  4. The question about the bones in the woods is one that is frequently asked, and that's why I spent the last chapter of my book on Bigfoot discussing it.

    The simple answer is that large animal bones, in general, are rarely found in the forest because of the rapid decomposition of the carcass and the eating of the bones by rodents and porcupines. Bones are rich in minerals and nature doesn't waste them waiting for humans to trip over them hiking in the places they rarely trek.

    Ask any forest ranger how many carcasses of moose, bears, and mountain lions they have found in the woods. The universal answer is zero.

    The dead animal bodies you hear about are usually those hit by autos on roads, and the general thought is that Bigfoot is too intelligent and too quick to be hit by cars and trucks.

    Still, someone, some day might find a body. It could happen and you never know, this Georgia incident might be the real deal! There are many more details that mentioned above.

    Stay tuned.

    Best wishes,
    Loren Coleman

  5. Mmmmm.... Bigfoot Steaks! (Hunter's tip: baste the flesh in coca-cola. The acidic cola will tenderize the meat, and the caramel and sugars will sweeten the dish.)

    The National Science Foundation, the Smithsonian, maybe the Dept. of the Interior... those are the government agencies who would be interested.

    And, yes, it's possible they have remained hidden for some time. Look at that new population of gorillas which was recently discovered in Africa.

    As for comics... didn't the X-Files comic have a story about a man who hunted Bigfoot?

    And of course, who can forget the classic Barry Ween story? And Roxie?

  6. Anonymous3:42 PM

    There is a press release saying it will be revealed Friday:

  7. First off, I'm not open-minded to the existence of bigfoot at all. The whole thing started as a hoax and all the pieces of "evidence" since have been revealed (or determined by examination) to be hoaxes. It's like believing that the Loch Ness monster ever existed despite the fact that it would have to be a magical creature that can avoid all attempts at detection, survive in a place that doesn't have nearly enough space or food for it, etc.

    As for the question of why there isn't some official investigation? I don't know. If I was a member of the police department in the area, I'd get a search warrant to examine the property of anyone who claims to have either the carcass or the bones of a large creature that bears even a vague resemblance to a human being (if it's bipedal, I'd want a look). At the very least there could be a public health issue with regard to the disposition of human remains, and at the most there could be evidence of a more serious crime.

    But the Feds? I hope and pray (so to speak) that our government doesn't spend money investigating bigfoots, chupacabras, ghosts, vampires, and all the rest. Even if there was credible evidence of such (I've never seen any despite keeping an eye out [for nuts]), there are other organizations that can establish the existence of the paranormal (with good, solid evidence and not just blurry, shaky film footage) before the government starts spending money to study or protect it.

  8. I think it would be more in the jurisdiction of the Department of Natural Resources.

  9. Anonymous10:04 PM

    If you head back to Loren's excellent site Cryptomundo, you will see that Loren now has a staggeringly clear photo of...whatever it is.

    The press conference is on August 15 now, by the way, but I'd be very surprised if this story doesn't bust wide open tomorrow as a result of some ongoing issues.

    Loren, by the way, is a very well-respected and influential member of the Cryptozoology field. I have never seen him this keenly enthused on a discovery.

    I'd have no interest in this incident if Loren were not so convinced this may be the real deal.

    If it is, then it's a pity the yobbos who found this body are the ones who had to. They are truly a pair of idiots.

    Time will tell.

  10. This isn't some kind of promotion for a movie?

    I heard about something similar on the radio, turned out to be promoting some thing or another.

  11. Anonymous11:53 PM

    You are probably thinking of the Montauk Monster which seemed to grab people's attention this last week.

    Despite the fact it was a frigging racoon.

    For my part, my distrust of the people involved with this thing is so thorough that I am struggling hard against my Mulder-like desire to believe.

    I have seen some photos of a halloween costume with a startling similarity to the corpse in the freezer, so I'm leaning back to hoax.

    I just suspect Loren knows something he can't tell yet. Whatever that may be.

  12. You can find links to coverage of the "Bigfoot Found" story on

  13. Well I've seen some of story now that it has gone public. They didn't produce the body at the news conference just some video and pictures. They have three different stories as to how they found it. They won't reveal where they found it to protect the animals. They claim to have a scientist on their side. I smell a rat.

    I'm more than willing to believe, but these guys are either complete diberts, money grubbing opportunists or hoaxers. Probably all three.