Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Remake "The Craft" (Or Turn It Into A Comic)!

With all the horror reboots in the pipeline: Poltergeist, Child's Play...

Isn't it time to remake this movie:

C'mon, people. Teenage girls who practice magic. High-concept! Very "Hannah Montana" generation. I'm no dummy. It's not just nostalgia. I too am thinking about the bottom line here.

Sony Pictures doesn't want to make a movie remake? Turn it into a manga-sized comic. I will reiterate: teenage girls who practice magic.

And then, when you get the rights, hire me to write it.

Simple trajectory.


  1. The idea especially makes sense in the wake of the Twilight movie. Is it too early to suggest Michelle Trachtenberg for the lead?

  2. I called this! OS is turning into a platform to forward your big "Craft" project! your cards right...who is to say Marvel doesn't own the rights...

  3. The Craft 2 is set to be released May 27, 2009; it's supposed to be starring the original cast and former Spice Girl Melanie Chisholm.

    (information from via

  4. Every writer has at least one movie, book or comic that they'd want to re-write.

    For me it'd be the Southern Cross Squadron. We need decent Aussie Super Heroes.

  5. I always enjoyed this movie, and "horror for girls" is a hugely underserved genre.

  6. My wife and I enjoyed the movie a lot. We own it and have seen it a number of times. I'm actually VERY surprised The Craft didn't see a slew of sequels and copy-cats.

    There was THE COVENANT, but that was an all male cast for the most part.

    I think with the interest in the supernatural there is these days, a movie, TV series or even comic in the vein of THE CRAFT would do VERY well.

    Look haw insane everyone still is for Buffy stuff. How popular the Harry Potter stuff is.

    If someone did a project in the lines of a Teenage Witchcraft equivelant to Buffy I think it would THRIVE.

  7. I second the Michelle Trachtenburg as lead idea. Good one aboynamedart

  8. Rocketeerz,

    The BBC did a teen witchcraft show a little while back, Hex.

  9. I was a bit disappointed that the empowerment message paganism presents became lost in the Craft's second half in favour of the usual 'crazy bitch must be stopped', but I enjoyed the first half, and wonder why it's taken so long to make a sequel.

    The problem with a comic spin-off is that you might end up with another Tarot: Witch of the Black Rose before you end up with a Promethea.
    If you don't mind me presuming on your own experience a little, I'm sure as an editorial staffer, you maybe had an idea where 'Supergirl' could go that wasn't quite where the book ended up? You might get handed an argument that "girls don't read comics, they read manga" and that there needs to be more T and A in a Craft spin-off - licenced horror comics tend to be low-brow LCD affairs from what I've seen.

    ABOYNAMEDART: HEX was produced by digital channel Sky 1. The BBC doesn't like young female leads outside children's programming.

  10. I also like the Michelle Trachtenburg idea. But, is it not too early to remake though? I still remember this movie.

    Of course, maybe it has been longer than I think it's been. 10 years?

    Comic book? Perhaps ...

  11. Charmed was teenaged witches, but it was ten years ago.

    But who would they cast today? That cast for The Craft was terrific.

  12. I vote in favor of everything in this post. I can't believe they're not already remaking this. A sequel, yeah. But a "reimagining."

    But keep the over the knee socks, please.

  13. Charmed was teenaged witches, but it was ten years ago.

    The witches in "Charmed" were twentysomethings. For teen witches a decade ago, it was "Sabrina" (which was a wonderfully thoughtful show in its first season, then became too juvenile for its own good after creator Nell Scovell left).

  14. Anonymous2:38 PM

    There is one danger in anything that claims to be "pagan" or "wiccan" related, and that is that if you take one wrong step you get a lot of pissed off witches.

    I remember around the time The Craft came out I was on my high horse (broom) about the film due to my current fanatical, self-righteous devotion to Wicca. Eh, I was young and looking for a cause - I've since mellowed out and don't even think of myself as Wiccan. But there was this and that to be picked over and resented: the equal male and female dieties were simplified to one male god, it was another "evil witch" scenario, it emphasized the unrealistic side of witchcraft while seemingly claiming to be grounded in the real, neo-pagan religion.

    These days I realize that I was getting my panties in a twist over a damn movie that never claimed to be an accurate portrayal of witchcraft and that was actually just as kind to the concept as it was cruel, but there are those out there that are still looking for reasons to get pissed off and self-righteous over the next portrayal of witches. Anyone wanted to resurrect The Craft should be prepared to deal with such people and their vocal criticism.