Monday, August 11, 2008

Anime Eye Contact Lenses

Basically, these contact lenses are designed to give the wearer "anime eyes" -- complete with a wider iris.

From the ad copy:
"Wanna get big, watery shiny eyes without any surgery? CRAVE AND ENVY NO MORE!"

They're cute, but a little unsettling.

I mean, it is hard for me to think of a more unrealistic role-model to physically pattern oneself after than an anime girl.

Oh, wait...


  1. I don't know...Barbie is the hypersexualizing of women, but anime is the hyperinfantalizing...which one is worse! Pick yer poison!

  2. those eyes look scary.
    Demand thing,rabid fans want someone will sell it

  3. Those lenses are terrifying! Tell me that's not a real woman wearing them..tell me it's a computer mock up...

  4. Do they come with tentacles?

  5. The lenses are creepy, no doubt about it.

    On another subject, there are a LOT of different manga artists, and thus, a LOT of different styles.
    Saying anime (and/or manga) is the hyperinfatalyzing of women is a generalization.
    It is the same as saying american super hero comics hypersexualyze women based ONLY on Ed Benes' art.

    Not even the famed disproportionately big eyes are a staple of manga art.
    There are even mangas that have very realistic art, like Takehiko Inoue's VAGABOND, where in some scenes he goes to the extreme of individually drawing every LEAF in a tree.

  6. Cosplayers will be all over this like R Kelly on 14 yearolds.

  7. Weird that I'm turned on by a stereotype of my own ethnic group.

  8. Cool... I'm gonna dress up as a Keane painting this year!

    Do the lenses come with highlights, or do those cost extra?

  9. They're just realistic enough to be horrifying.

  10. Red Jay is right on. Not all Japanese comics and animation have this hyperinfantalizing aspect. Even ones that do use the visual cue of the overly large eyes.

    Comparing and contrasting anime to Barbie is like comparing and contrasting all birds to one specific dog. It's like saying "Movies sexualize pre-teens and your pig just crapped on my carpet- which is worse?"

    That said, Nana is one of the best comics- comics PERIOD, no cultural qualification necessary- and it presents well-rounded non-infantalized females as its main protagonists. Not girlfriends to guy heroes, not objects of desire to be won or earned. Complete human beings with virtues and flaws.

    And there's an anime of it. That right there makes the "anime is hyperinfantalizing" a lie. So everyone thinking this, just stop generalizing, please. And read Nana. It'll change your minds about Japanese comics if you have any appreciation for good fiction at all. Big eyes and all.

    The big eyes were stolen from Walt Disney, by the way. Most anime and manga only have eyes roughly as large as Disney's. Now who's "hyperinfantalizing?"

    Nope... still doesn't work.

  11. Oh... the lenses. I was in a cosplay shop in Shibuya back during Golden Week and WOW! I was blown away by the variety. Human shades, inhuman shades, cat eyes.

    My biggest questions are hygiene and safety. Where are these things made and with what tolerances?

  12. Oooh, now if all those lenses were available in North America it would be like being with my partner but a "different" partner every night...



  14. Anonymous12:00 AM

    SO WANT!!!! How do you guys think these are creepy?