Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Would You Bring Back Steve Rogers?

Spoilers (maybe. who knows at this point)

At the end of Secret Invasion #2 there are some suggestions that Steve Rogers may or may not be back. With all these events, I take these suggestions with a huge grain of salt. But there you go.

If they could bring back Steve Rogers, would you go for it? Or, even if you really liked him as a character, would prefer he stay dead to keep the integrity of the character or the stories?


  1. I'd like to see Steve stay dead. His America has long since died and I think in some small way, he finally recognized that when he surrendered after Civil War. I think the Buckster reflects a modern take on the same principles that Steve stood for so it seems fitting. Cap represents an ideal to strive for and I think it's time that ideal changes to reflect the times.

    If Steve does return from the dead, I don't think he should be Cap. It's time to move on.

  2. Rest in peace Steve.

    We never forget u.


  3. Hell yes I'd see him return. I was always hot and cold with getting Capt. American and just as the book was getting good they kill him off. That is what sucked the most. Plus who here really believes he's going to stay dead for long anyway?

  4. I like the idea of telling stories about a guy over 7 decades. Lots of unreached potential there. (Potential I have no reason to beleive Marvel would ever attempt to reach even if they brought him back but still... one can dream.) But yeah, put me down for bringing him back. He's Captain America.

  5. This is comics. Steve Rogers will be back eventually but it should be done by Brubaker and Epting. I don't want Rogers to come back in SI. Even though I'm digging SI

  6. ... I have to admit, I didn't want to see him go. Not like that. But bringing him back would cheapen his death more than even editorial mandates could. And it could undermine everything Brubaker has been building.

    So, no, let Steve stay dead, I say.

  7. Anonymous4:23 PM

    There's only one Captain America, and it is Steve Rogers, period.

    I've always thought this Bucky-as-Cap thing was temporary.

    When it's over, Steve Rogers will be back. I always thought that somehow Bucky would get a hold of the cosmic cube and will-power Steve back to life...after dying at the hands of the Red Skull.

  8. Yes, but I would keep Bucky Barnes as Cap. The torch has been passed and I would love to see Steve take a mentor role.

    That and giving Steve and Sharon a baby girl would not only give them a much-deserved happy ending, but hint at American Dream from the M2 Universe. :)

  9. hysan has a good idea. Cap is the perfect multi-generational storytelling vehicle but Rogers does not have to be in the costume. Still, lots of great stories to be told by having him around.

  10. Steve Rogers is going to be Captain America in the movie, right? If so, I'd bring him back in a heartbeat. That makes much more sense than trying to ease a new audience into the Civil War nonsense.

  11. Of course he's going to be back, the question really is when. If I had to guess, I'd say that it won't be during Secret Invasion. Marvel teased a Thor return during Civil War, but it didn't happen until a year later. Once Brubaker has told the stories he wants to tell with Bucky as Cap, the Iconic version of the character should be brought back so another writer can have a go at him one day.

  12. you know thats not steve rogers in that ship, we already saw spiderman skrull and such...

    i say its a skrull. captain america will be brought back in his own book.

  13. He will come back, I thought everyone figured that out, but it won't be in the pages of SI. My guess is Cap #50 by Bru and Epting.

  14. I think it time for the return of Nomad.

    I've always felt a death that is a good part of storytelling should stand. Bad ones should be retconned with impunity.

    The Question (Charles Szasz) --- Yes.

    Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) --- No.

    I am on the fence about Cap. His death is a strong symbol. The way he went out was should have been Stark.

  15. I think keep him dead. Bucky as Cap has a lot of potential and can add so much freshness to the lore. There will always be only ONE Cap, but his ideals are immortal.

    "Beneath this mask is an idea, Mr. Creedy. And ideas are bulletproof!"

  16. My vote is for the Cap fromt he ship to be a skrull and not know it. I could see a nice scene where the CapSkrull realizes his skrulliness and still does the Cap thing, like save the heroes some how.

  17. Anonymous8:08 PM

    I figure that it's not a matter of if, but rather when. I think it would be pretty silly though to have it be a Skrull in Secret Invasion. At least the Cosmic Cube has more ties to Cap's history.

    As for when ... maybe on the week of July 4? Probably 2009. With a slight tinkering of the schedule -- that would be about right for Cap issue 50.


  18. I want Steve Rogers to return. I think he will. Brubaker is taking us on a journey, and will bring us back home before it's over. I don't think the suggestion about Cap in Secret Invasion is anything serious... Bendis wouldn't get to tell Brubaker's story for him like that.

  19. With a Captain America movie in development, it looks like a cinch that Steve Rogers will be coming back, probably in good time for the movie tie-in mini-series. And 'cheapen his death'? C'mon, Big Two superhero characters have come back from the dead so often that major character death has lost all meaning. If DC can bring back Barry freakin' Allen after 20+ years, then Cap is nothing.

  20. I'd bring him back. He's Captain America, for crying out loud. The whole point of Captain America is that his America is gone and he has to find a new way to protect democracy, liberty, freedom and all the good things about America while dealing with the lousy ones- racism, increasing militarism, the hegemony of the military-industrial complex (that Cap's old boss Eisenhower warned us all about!) and all that stuff.

    He may wear a mask but Steve Rogers simply IS Captain America, even more so since Stan and Jack re-established this character paradigm for him in Avengers #4. I mean, DC bumped off Clark Kent/Superman and broke Bruce Wayne/Batman's back and brought them back.

    To me, this is the same thing. It's kind of a cheap ploy and has been all along... but if they're going to make a Cap movie, which Cap do you think they'll tap? I can almost guarantee it'll be the one with WW2 ties. That's Cap at his most meaningful, most poignant. The good man, out of time, in a harsh new reality. Can he survive? Can he flourish?

    Can we regain those things that made us great before, without letting go of the progress we've made in the intervening years?

    And all that.

    Long live Steve Rogers!

  21. Also... they need to kill off Bucky. I never bought that Winter Soldier junk. Sorry, good concept for a character but there used to be certain precepts that should've stayed unchanged... and one of those is that Bucky is dead.

    Bruce Wayne's parents are dead. It's vital to his being Batman. Bucky is dead. It's vital to the reborn Captain America.

    And I never hold with this duplication of characters. The last thing a character needs are watered down versions running around. Half the time DC plays up Batman's being a loner... yet he surrounds himself with a lot of kids and Nightwing, some of whom have a propensity for nasty deaths. Doesn't make any sense.

    Now there's Wolverine, and a teeny girl Wolverine clone with almost the same powers. Superman had tons of Supermen running around, then there's Supergirl and Superboy.

    Cap, Winter Soldier, Nomad, the Captain... yikes!

    Just get that one guy in the suit and make him Steve Rogers.

  22. I don't think they should. i wouldn't. The current run of Captain America is just phenomenal. I'm a fan of Bucky as Cap too, I think people just need to give it a chance.

    Steve Rogers' legacy will never die and his impact both in-canon and as a literary character will live on. If he comes back, I'm giving up on any non-spacefaring Marvel title. I'm not kidding. Total shit writing and a sheer money-making draw idea.

  23. A couple of months ago, I came up with a way for Steve Rogers to come back without messing things up too badly.

    But even though I don't like the current Cap run with Bucky wearing the costume, the title is getting a lot of buzz and it's selling.

    I would love to write Captain America -- with Steve Rogers. I would love to read a comic with him in it. But I think the new direction has captured an audience (at least for now) so the current state of things will continue.

  24. Remember that time Steve Rogers came back from the dead and joined the Avengers?

  25. I've been on record for a while as saying that I think Brubaker has always planned to bring back Steve Rogers before the end of his current story arc, and I'd like to say that I'm all for that. Steve Rogers has a majesty to him that transcends the suit; one of my favorite early stories is when the Adaptoid (he wasn't the Super-Adaptoid yet) mimics Cap's physique perfectly, and gets his butt kicked by the first super-villain to walk through the door, because it takes more to be Captain America than the physique and the skills.

    I'm never a big fan of legacy characters, and I think the industry as a whole has a skewed sense of their workability because Julius Schwartz did such a good job with them fifty years ago. A good character works not because of the costume or the powers, but because of the entire package of elements that combines to make an interesting protagonist. If you can just swap anyone in and out of the suit, your character probably wasn't worth reading about to begin with.

    So count me as someone who likes the current storyline, but will like it a lot more when it's done and Steve Rogers makes a triumphant return to the red, white and blue.

  26. @kromelizard, Best. Comment. Ever!

  27. Total shit writing and a sheer money-making draw idea.

    I don't necessarily disagree, and at the risk of coming off as patronizing I do empathize with the people who don't want Steve Rogers back, or who love Bucky as Cap... but I thought someone should point out that killing Cap in the first place was both of these things, too. I mean, we've seen it before with the "Death of Superman" and Batman's broken back- in comics, any change to the status quo is short-term. Anytime they bump off a biggie like Cap, we have to be thinking "PLOY! SCAM! SHORT TERM SALES INCREASE!"

    That may seem like an argument for his staying dead, but realistically, Steve Rogers' return in some form or other is practically inevitable, so it was always a sales ploy from the beginning in some fashion. And there's nothing really wrong with that; I mean, the whole idea is to sell comics. It just breeds a certain cynicism about these events from a standpoint of what makes interesting or "good" fiction.

    In me, anyway.

    May not happen this go-around, or the next, but eventually some writer will do it.

    That's why I never got worked up about his "death" in the first place. These things just don't have any dramatic impact for me.

    I still want him back. Steve Rogers IS Cap, like Bruce Wayne is Batman.

  28. Bring him back eventually, but let's not gut the current continuity to do it. Bucky-cap is just getting started and there are lots of great ideas there that are underdeveloped. I want some more time with the new Cap before we jump back to the old.

    Bringing him back now would be the equivalent of DC's crappy "kill Bart Allen after 13 issues because the editors decide to bring back Wally" which now is apparently being followed by "Wait, did we say Wally? We meant Barry. Our bad."

    I love seeing the old heroes come back, but not at the expense of storytelling and logic.

  29. I didn't want to see him killed in the first place. I could care less what's going to happen now.

  30. "Bruce Wayne's parents are dead. It's vital to his being Batman. Bucky is dead. It's vital to the reborn Captain America."


  31. itd be cool to see him back during secret invasion but i think the torch should remain officially passed to bucky.

    ....unless they go dc and do a flash and kill him off after 10 issues or so.

  32. "@kromelizard, Best. Comment. Ever!"

    Quoted for truth.

    And it's not like this's the first Captain America death, either.

    I want Steve Rogers back. I don't think that it'd cheapen his death unless you let it. Good stories stay good stories. The words on the page don't change because of an issue that comes out later down the line.

    To be honest, I could see him getting in with Fury to fake his own death. The death's really brought out the best in people (and that would be Fury's angle), but Cap could be in on it for less manipulative reasons (although Cap's made his fair share of blunders, like refusing to testify to that he knew someone to be of good character possessed good character).