Sunday, May 04, 2008

Occasional Superperiod

Yes it's that time again --

First, we have this excellent webcomic by Martha Thomases and Joanna Estep, The Crimson Tide.

Then it's a nature walk as we explore exactly which breeds of bear will attack you if you are on the rag.

Then head over to watch the movie Ginger Snaps, in which the main character gets attacked by a werewolf for being on the rag. As a consequence, Ginger's periods become even worse.

Actual question on Yahoo Answers: "Does it bother feminists that menstruation and menopause begin with "men?"

Shed in style with Urban Armor's "kickass alternative menstrual hardware."

Check out the collective Live Journal about menstrual painting (NSFW, NSFW, NSFW -- though some of those paintings are really cute!)

Video: "Yes Jill, all women have periods every 4 weeks" (NSFW)

Visit the online Museum of Menstruation. (some parts NSFW)

Check out "When Men Create A PMS Ad."

And now on sale: The His And Hers PMS Calendar. According to the website it provides the following education for men on the delicate hormonal mysteries of their girlfriends and wives:

* Observe his partner
* Validate her feelings
* Share and show his feelings
* Delight her
* Be part of the solution
* Give complete control of remote control
* Use his tool for making peace that leads to romance, not to turbulence
* Minimize damaging arguments
* Support her with patience and compassion
* Be prepared - and ready to duck
* Face her mood swings and don’t run out of Ben and Jerry’s

After Ben and Jerry's:


  1. *reads Munden's Bar*

    Fat day thong? Really? Huh.

  2. I sympathize. However, the Mort Drucker illos for the tampon ad are pretty sweet.

  3. That video is insane. Are those phrases like a mantra or something? If you say them six times in front of a mirror does the Candyman appear? Why are they trying to drill these phrases into my head?

  4. I totally get why everybody thinks that video is so funny, but I think it's a phenomenal tool. My kid's autistic, and she doesn't do so great with ambiguous or euphemistic language. Getting your period is a weird and potentially scary concept, but this lays it out in very straightforward terms. My daughter is nine years old now, and you bet your boots I'm going to show her this video when she's a little older. And I'll be very, very grateful for it.

  5. Ah... Munden's Bar... And a great comic! Is it okay for men to laugh along with this?

    This reminds me of an EC horror parody, where a guy shacks up with ten women. The twist ending, of course, is that they all cycle on the same day, and he gets whacked.