Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Interactive Pole Dancing Game For The Wii? (Updated)

Apparently a company is actually developing an interactive pole-dancing game for the Wii. Much like Rock Band and Dance Dance Revolution, this new game will feature an interactive device -- in this case, the "Electra pole" -- players can actually physically play with. The company, Peekaboo Pole-Dancing, didn't give specifics, but said that the designed to encourage the "fun and fitness" of both men and women. In light of recent criticism about video games, it is refreshing to read that efforts are being made to get my gender more involved in the game-playing process. I will have to twin this game with my "pole dancing" lessons at Crunch.

Note: this post has been edited after finding out that my original source, Gizmodo, left a few details out.


  1. Oh boy! Now I can pole dance in the privacy of my home without being that creepy guy in those pole dancing aerobics classes!

  2. Anonymous1:21 PM

    I was sort of hoping that this would just be a version of DDR set to Polish folk music.

  3. Hi Val,

    I hope you're having a pleasant day so far.

    I'm a long time reader, but I typically only comment when you ask for weely recommendations.

    But I work in the video game industry so I felt compelled to comment on this.

    Nintendo is not making this game. An outside company (that already makes poles for non-gaming dancing purposes) is pitching the game to developers.

    And heck, if any developers decide to run with it, Nintendo may even allow the license.

    But the company Nitendo is not directly developing it.

    Something to keep in mind.



  4. Michael, thanks for the info.

    Gizmodo, who is a fairly big tech blog and where I originally got the story from, reported it like this:

    "At first we thought this Wii Pole Dancing game was a joke—how could something so sexy come to such a "family-friendly" and casual console like the Wii? Turns out it's not a joke. The company's representative, Simon Kay, didn't comment on how far the development of the pole peripheral was, but did say that they're going to try and encourage both women and men to pole dance for "fun and fitness.""

    This made it sound as if it was Wii itself who was making the game, with their company representative being quoted.

    After looking at Gizmodo's source, MTV, they printed a much bigger story specifying it was actually the "Peekaboo Pole Dancing" company who was making the game.

  5. Hi Val,

    No harm no foul. I agree Gizmondo did make it sound like Simon Kay was a representative of Nintendo. I'm on the gaming sites pretty often for work, so if I see any further pole dancing news I"ll pass it on to you.



  6. The game comes with an electric pole players can actually play with? They sell those at those big, neon-lit stores by the airport!

  7. Val,

    I gotta say I find how non-critical you are on these video game articles a bit unfortunate. I usually respect you and your insight, but on this topic - I think your being blind to a geek hobby that is not a true love like comics are? You are the president of an important organization that exists to remind people comics are not entirely, or ideally should not be, be a boys club. Online and coloborative games especially undermine this notion ( Yet, you seem willing to consider ideas about video game you would deftly oppose if stated about comics.
    The previous article on men and video games was rather sexist, and this one was posted without a critical eye of "wait - that does not sound at all like family friendly Nintendo at all..." as later confirmed by the article edit. The current article just shows a willingness to accept the worst at face value, the previous one…sub in comics and see how bad it reads for the most part.
    Maybe it is because I have friends in the game industry, or have known more women gamers then comic readers by and large, but I can't help find the overall lack of criticism or skepticism disappointing

  8. "It's like lingerie but BETTER!

    Crap! I gotta get a Wii!!Forget Wii Fit!
    I can see it now. Look sweetie I got a Wii and some games to play... No no sports or shooters something jut for you! It's like Lingerie but BETTER! :D