Friday, May 16, 2008


This excerpt from "Wolverine: First Class" demonstrates that "no, Logan can't be your BFF!"

(via Scans Daily)


  1. "Lol!!1! Wolvureen is grumpi!" etcetera

    Is this book a sequel to John Byrne's X-Men: The Hidden Years, that got cancelled because no-one was buying it? Or was it because Joe Q said it was a bad idea for a book?

    One of those.

  2. That's pretty funny stuff, actually. But didn't they become bestest friends later on? Wolverine's always befriending the X-Kids. Kitty, Jubilee, that clone of himself, Armor.

  3. with a name like Wolverine you would think he would be more friendly.

  4. It's an alternate universe all-ages book which takes place in a time equivalent to the days of the New Mutants. It actually didn't start off all that bad, although I think having a guy with claws starring in an ALL-AGES book kinda defeats the purpose. Wolvie can only be a TENTH of what he should be.

    I'm also surprised they didn't do the series like a later years version of the X-Men book. Ah well.

  5. The title of this post inspired this.

  6. That issue was excellent, btw. If the rest of the series holds up, it'll be the best Wolverine book on the market. (Not saying much, but whatever...)