Tuesday, May 27, 2008

41% Of Large Companies Paying Staffers To Read Employee Email

Just another dose of paranoia to send you along into your lunchtime hour...

A recent Forrester Research study indicated the following:
  • 41 percent of companies with 20,000 or more employees are paying staffers to read/analyze the contents of employees' outbound e-mail.
  • 44 percent of the companies investigated an e-mail leak of confidential data in the past year.
  • Specifically, companies were worried about employees leaking confidential information -- "spoilers," if you will -- on blogs, YouTube, and other forms of social media.
  • 11 percent of the companies disciplined workers for improper posting on message boards and blogs.
This type of stuff is pretty standard, by the way -- the only twist is adding the blogs and message boards into the mix.

(via CNET)


  1. Does not. Surpise me.

    At my former job, there was a person whose job was to read any email that set off any red flags...mainly because there were a few sexual harassment suits and some people fired for very inappropriate behavior both in person and via email.

  2. I meant "surprise."

    Clearly, I can't spell.

  3. good thing for working in interactive advertising, were ENCOURAGED to go to message boards/blogs/etc and all of our clients advertise on such things, so yay for sitting at work and reading BestWeekEver!