Thursday, May 08, 2008

Okay, I Take Back Everything I Said About Michael Turner's Covers

This cover to Ultimate Origins #1 features a naked Wolverine. Okay, he might not be naked, this might just be a thong. But he's quite...healthy. If we can have cheesecake covers, then we can have this. Please Marvel, do not erase one bit from this excellent cover. Do not use lens flares to reduce the bump, don't shave off millimeters. Leave it just the way it is. This is Logan in all his feral sweaty glory. Yeah, I know a few guys complained about those Alex Ross covers, but they were sort of "staged" looking anyway -- static. Wolverine might be sexy here, but he's all piss and vinegar and is going to cut the arms off anybody who says otherwise.

Beefcake! Beefcake!

(saving cover to desktop)


  1. I never thought I would say this about a picture of a naked dude, but that cover looks awesome...

  2. I have a feeling that because this is for a cover, it's going to get inked and colored really poorly. Poorly in this case meaning to plastic and glossy looking, or to paraphrase Kodos... lens flares for some photoshop filters for others.

  3. I agree it's a possibility, Kevin. That's why I wish they would just publish the pencils. I mean, this is a "super special" variant cover for the book...they should just go for it and leave the pencils as-is.

  4. My concern with Turner's covers have never been the anatomy of his females (or males for that matter). It is his faces. I find them too generic. Just plop a different colur hair or hair style on the body and it could be a twin (or triplet or quint). His males tend to be too feminine looking too... This cover is alright but even the face of "Wolvie" isn't feral enough for me...


  5. Ah, Val. It's good to see you so...lustful!

  6. But see, a real beefcake cover needs to have the dude looking right at the reader with eff-me eyes. And also naked and thrashing and feral, but knowing he's being watched. That to me would even things out.

  7. as usual with turner covers, the anatomy is entirely nonsensical.

  8. I think Turner wussed out when it came to depicting Wolverine's "junk," though. There's nothing there. Nothing at all, just a shadow over flatness.

    Maybe Logan's wearing a gaff, but there are no straps or anything.

    Okay, I know Michael Turner wasn't ever going to draw a totally naked Wolverine with Full Frontal Everything but he either should've put some shorts on there, or else he should've made the shadow larger, covering up part of the thigh to avoid Kendollverine Syndrome.

    But that's just me. I know many people can't handle even THIS level of nudity... and if that Alex Ross bulge controversy from last year was any indication, they can't even handle clothed people with genitalia.

    That said, this is one of Turner's better covers. It's more dynamic than his usual stiff, dead 3/4 body portraits, has a lot of crazy cables and tubes flying around. It must've taken him all afternoon to draw it, and I salute him for not taking the easy way out... for a change.

    I might actually start liking his artwork if he did more stuff like this.

  9. if you look at it, his marvel work gets lots of accolades, and his dc work gets scrutiny.

  10. Anonymous5:39 PM

    I just saw the Gabriele Dell'otto cover of "Ultimate X-Men" #97, on CBR. Great minds, apparently...
    (Except his Logan is even more "Kendollverine")

  11. Apd- I take back my criticism. After looking at Dell'otto's cover, Michael Turner's is photorealistically accurate in the junk department.

    Wolverine has none.

    Good cover!