Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Val Reviews Hercules and more Hercules

Hercules #1
Radical Comics is not bulls**ting around. The first issue of their new Hercules mini-series is elaborately painted and contains an engaging, well-written story. At $1.00 for a square-bound first issue with a cover by Jim Steranko, that's not too bad.

With his Dirty Dozen type band of misfit, bad-ass warriors, Hercules almost seems like a superhero team book. But what separates the title out from a superhero-ized version of the Greek god is the grittiness and amount of detail that you would find in a traditional fantasy novel. Hercules is a comic for adults who like a good fantasy read with some teeth in it.

Hercules, a five-issue mini-series by Radical Comics, is recommended.

Hercules #117
Marvel continues to put out a solid, entertaining monthly read with The Incredible Hercules. Of course, this issue has the nifty "Secret Invasion" banner on it, which admittedly makes me nervous. Luckily, the tie-in involves Skrull gods and general world mythology, so it's not too much of a stretch from the main theme of the series.

One of my favorite aspects of the Marvel Universe is their use of the gods and goddesses of various traditions. DC does this too, but not to the extent (at least in my opinion) of the rich tapestry that Marvel has presented for over 40 years. Here is a pretty good directory of most of Marvel's offerings in the mythology department. In this issue we get not only the goddess (and former Alpha Flighter) Snowbird but badasses Tecumotzin, Amatsu-Mikaboshi, and Atum, father of the Egyptian gods. The regular superheroes sort of pale in comparison.

The Incredible Herc, an ongoing series from Marvel Comics, is recommended.


  1. i really want to read that herc-- i missed it last week!

  2. This is one of my favorite blogs, however, the current template makes my eyes want to jump out of their sockets and retire in Costa Rica. Please help.

  3. Yeah, um, about that top cover...

    Of all the possible places where the female figure could have been placed on the cover by the artist, the specific spot selected is, um, interesting...

    I'm just saying.

  4. Anonymous10:11 AM

    The only probelm with the current Inc Herc issue is that the names are hella complicated, I am losing track of who is who.

  5. I liked the shout-out to Thor in the recent Marvel Herc. It's too bad the Odinson couldn't get in on it. Though, most Asgardians are kind of lackluster on paper - they're only like 30-35 tons in terms of strength and not exceptionally tough last as I can recall. But still cool to see other gods giving the Asgardians mad props.