Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Captain America's Shield In Iron Man Movie?

Is that Captain America's shield in one "Iron Man" movie scene?

And if it is -- what does it mean?

In the cinematic Marvel Universe, does Tony Stark build the shield that Captain America will eventually use?

And if this is is the shield, was it originally in the film? Or added later as a way to tie the proposed Captain America movie into the mythos?

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  1. It's entirely possible, and not totally unfounded as IM did make Cap a new shield as The Captain, and then his photonic shield during volume 3 (which, BTW, I thought was damn cool and shoulda stuck around).

    I don't recall seeing that in the movie, but I'm hoping to see it again Saturday after a group meeting so I'll keep my eyes open for it and report back if others don't.

  2. I've seen that picture floating around the internet but I'm under the impression that it was photoshopped by some fan. In the HD trailer of that same scene, there's nothing on that table, and it seems silly for them to have added it in such a quick shot just to lead into Cap.

  3. My answers, hopes included free of charge:

    1. It certainly appears to be the shield of legend.
    2. I hope it means that Marvel wants to give an indication/teaser of future plans.
    3. I hope that it wasn't built by Tony Stark. The best thing to my mind would be if Tony Stark is in possession of the shield because he's supposed to unlock its metallurgical mysteries. Of course, that would mean either a) the movie takes place after Cap's return from being frozen, or b) Cap was frozen without his shield (this works best for me considering the classic Marvel order of events).
    4. I have no idea, and to me it doesn't matter a bit as long as they explain it later. :)

  4. "PS": Regarding your last question, Val, it will be interesting to see the eventual DVD/Blu-ray release scrutinized (as all "geek" releases are). If Marvel really wants to tease, they ought to stick an Ant-Man helmet someplace in Tony's shop - it would make [slightly] more sense for him to invent it (and Ultron - how awesome could that be in an Avengers movie?) being a technical supergenius than Hank Pym, the "biochemist."

  5. I saw IM a second time the other day and the shield definitely is in it. This isn't photoshop.

  6. I saw it on the weekend, it's in the movie and pretty clearly a star and stripes shield.

    With all the talk of Tony's father working with the government, and on the Manhattan Project, it would make sense the shield might end up in Stark's hands.

    I expect the actor playing Tony's father is already signed up for the Captain America film.

  7. Anonymous9:30 AM

    Uh, hello? Stark obviously got it when he appeared on the Colbert Report. Duh.

  8. I saw it on is pretty clearly NOT in the pre-production stills...

  9. Am I the only one that can't see it?

  10. Anonymous7:31 PM

    Another easter egg in the film that I liked: When Pepper is scrolling through computer records of Stark Industries' shady dealings, one of the clients listed is named Lebowski.