Friday, May 16, 2008

New Punisher War Zone Movie Photos

From /film are a set of new photos from the upcoming "Punisher: War Zone" movie:

I dunno, shades of this guy?


  1. You know what, I thought the same thing when I saw the first bunch of pics from the movie.

    I don't know. Steven Segal made about two or three really good movies before he started sucking, so the comparison isn't as bad as it seems.

  2. OK - granted, that picture is not doing him any justice (and he is looking exactly like Steven Seagal) but Ray Stevenson really can act (unlike Steven Seagal).

    He was one of my favorites in "Rome" - the short-lived but awesome HBO series.

    I'm sure he can pull off a tough guy killer with ease, but I have to say...I'll miss Thomas Jane.

    I'll miss Ray's kick-ass accent too. :(

    I think Clive Owen coulda handled the part as well - but he might be turning down parts that would pigeon hole him (Sin City, Shoot 'Em Up, etc) into some gritty action hunk. Not that I'd mind...

  3. Nothing like blowing up an oil rig to save the environment...

    What a stupid, stupid, wonderful-stupid movie.

  4. That photo is terribly unfortunate. It's the only one I see Seagal/Stevenson in. He looks much better in the other pics.

    I have high hopes for this movie. Seeing as how there is no huge white skull on the front of the shirt hopefully this movie won't have any ridiculous skull shape exloding cars.

  5. That's just mean.

    Also: accurate. It's the background behind him, it makes him look like he has that slicked-back Seagal helmet hair.

  6. I have to echo Mindy's comment. "Rome" turned out to be one of my favorite series of all time. Ray Stevenson did a great job in that show. I hope he's been given a decent script to work with for the Punisher film. I've had no desire to even see the Punisher films until finding out he was cast as Frank Castle. He's a perfect choice and might elevate the movie beyond the stereotypical shoot 'em up, action film. I read the comic book years ago, but I'm more hopeful that it will make Ray Stevenson more well known to moviegoers.