Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Hit Of 1998: DC Heroes Versus Mortal Kombat

Um, I think "hooray" and stuff for a new DC game, really, and the graphics are good --

But why a Mortal Kombat Krossover? Now? In 2008?

Shouldn't Superman and Batman be going after Nico from Grand Theft Auto or something?


  1. I dunno, I'd be more interested in a GTA/Hitman cross-over.

  2. The footage of Batman kicking the crap out of Sub Zero is amusing, but yeah, this crossover reeks of lame.

  3. I can't talk about this rationally, so I've been avoiding it.

    SUPERMAN PLZ HEATVISION SUB-ZERO!!! ARGGGGGGGGGGGgggg the 13 year old me is so annoyed.

  4. Someone tell me how Superman vs. Scorpion makes sense on any level.

  5. If they can't do DC versus Marvel I think just DC would make a good videogame.

    I remember when I was a kid I got a thing in the mail about Mortal Kombat; An ad describing how violent and realistic it was going to be. It was pretty weird to get, I must have been in middle school when MKI came out?

  6. I guess DC finally got around to answering all the Marvel vs. Street Fighter/Capcom games from... ten or so years ago.

    Here's my question though... fatalities? Because without fatalities, there really isn't any point to Mortal Kombat... but at the same time I can't imagine that DC would let a game with Superman ripping someone's spine out exist. The nihilist in me thinks that would be kind of cool... but it would never happen.

    Maybe the heroes would have some non-lethal moves (ala Liu Kang in MK1), and the MK characters and DC villains would have real fatalities... but even then... is DC going to let Batman get decapitated?

    It all boils down to Mortal Kombat without the fatalities... why bother? The game itself was never that deep or interesting... it was a cheeky kitchy laugh. I don't know... lots of questions on this one.

  7. They're doing it NOW because MK's trying to get itself revitalized, not realizing it's better to just end on a high note (which has sadly passed 3 games ago).

    Aside from the sheer lame-factor of this whole idea, there's also the added problem that they're watering down what makes MK MK to fit DC's characters. About the only innovative thing they're doing is having the characters exhibit actual physical damage as the fight progresses, kind of like how Tekken did.

    But like Andy said, the game to do is Marvel vs. DC by Capcom. Take the plot from the mini, take all the characters, and let it rip. I'd love to berserker barrage that big blue panty-waste boyscout.

  8. This has mistake written all over it. I would love to see a good DC game but I'm afeared we never will.

    If we could get something like marvel legends i'd be a happy camper.

    Oh and Valerie I don't think your a big game player but take a look at You might see something you like.

  9. "Lego Batman" is where it's at.