Wednesday, May 07, 2008

A Full-Length Italian Spiderman Movie Is Coming!

Yes! This is the best news I've heard in a whole three hours!

A full-length Italian Spiderman movie is coming to the Internet May 22!

Yes! Win!

For those who are not familiar with Italian Spiderman, produced by the acclaimed studio Alrugo, you can check out the trailer and exclusive music from the movie at the official MySpace page.

Being a big fan of international film star Franco Franchetti -- who in my opinion has what it takes to be the next Javier Bardem -- this is truly a banner day for me.


  1. good to see the lead singer of Three Dog Night is keeping busy.

  2. ... Pardon my language, but is this shit for real?

  3. "Pardon my language, but is this shit for real?"

    I'm sure someone at Marvel right now is asking the same question.

  4. Yes, Marvel is asking if this shit is for real... asking via official correspondance involving many, many high-paid lawyers. I'm suing, also.

    This reminds me of the music video in my favorite Indian restaurant where a caption assures us that one character is indeed "Blonde Travolta."

    Did John Travolta sue?