Saturday, May 31, 2008

Water Baby: Love and Rockets Drawn By Frank Quietly

Please don't take my assertion -- that the ambiguously romantic relationship between Brody & Louisa in the Minx graphic novel Water Baby resembles that of Maggie & Hopey from the acclaimed Love and Rockets -- to mean that the book is derivative. It's just that the dynamic between both sets of characters, a push-pull of freedom/possession and frustrated/fulfilled desire, is very similar.

The freak shark attack that deprives main character Brody of her leg arrives fairly early in the story, leaving the rest of the graphic novel to focus on the trifecta of Brody, her best friend/occasional girlfriend Louisa, and handsome deadbeat Jake. However, the shadow of the accident hovers over the entire proceedings, in a series of gruesome-but-poetic dream sequences.

Ross Campbell's art resembles very much that of a softer, more organic Frank Quietly, managing to make Brody's truncated leg and even her occasional nose-picking sensual.

Is it ok if I say that Ross Campbell's Water Baby transcends the Minx imprint and sort of stands on its own? Will it get lost in the various "nooks" each comic book retailer and book store carves out for this line, or will it get racked up among the other graphic novel current releases? If not the latter, go hunt it out when it hits stands July 2nd.

(Oh, and apparently Mario Van Peebles makes a cameo appearance at the end...)


  1. Have you read his series Wet Moon? It similarly makes everything sensual, even when they're gross. He's a great talent.

  2. Frank Quietly drawing a Minx book? I quite like that!

    Seems pretty interesting, what with the L&R comparison and the shark attack. This may end up being the second Minx book I buy, the first being Re-Gifters and the third being the one Mariko Tamaki's doing!

    I know I'm not the core audience for this imprint, but if the story moves me or interests me, I gotta have it.

  3. To put it simply, Ross Campbell rocks.

  4. Is funny that you mention quitely as he seems to be a fan of the New Xmen arc that he drew.
    I love Ross Campell, he is awesome I always try to pimp his work everywhere I can.
    Also if you liked his style there is also Wetmoon published by Oni, and The Abandoned(zombie series) by Tokyopop. Also you can see a good part of his work on his deviantart.

  5. awwww, Valerie, thank you so much!! this is Ross Campbell if you haven't guessed, i've been reading your blog forever (we actually met at last year's San Diego Con on the street, don't know if you remember!). Water Baby's been getting some horribly negative reviews so far, so i'm really happy you dug it!!! :)

    if you want to read my other comics, i will happily mail copies to you, just let me know:

    thanks again!