Monday, May 12, 2008

The Top Ten Reasons Why Ultimate Origins Will Be The Ultimate

As usual, from my inbox to your eyeballs...

I'm betting $50 that the "dazzling" new Ultimate character is Ultimate Dazzler...


  1. There already IS an ultimate Dazzler.

  2. Anonymous3:18 PM

    Actually, they already came out with an Ultimate Dazzler, she was a punk rocker in Ultimate Xmen and dated Ultimate Angel I think.

  3. You're on!
    ... now pay up, because there already is an Ultimate Dazzler.

  4. Sure, let me break out my No-Prize checkbook.

  5. Anonymous3:31 PM

    Aside from the Dazzler thing though, this looks like alot of closure. When the whole Ultimate line was just Bendis and Millar, there used to be alot of conpiracy talk from the about how the whole superhuman thing was tied together. Also, Xavier and Magneto had these conspiracy plans that they stuck to even after they were enemies.

  6. Am I the only fellow that wants to see an Ultimate Cloak & Dagger?


  7. I was going to be snarky and tell again that there already is an Ultimate Dazzler, but it appears that somebody already beat me to it. Three other somebodies.

    Maybe it will be the next best thing---Ulitmate Hypno Hustler!!!

    Or it could be another ultimate Dazzler. Having an Ultimate Hulk and FF already didn't stop them from coming up with different versions of them.

  8. FYI, there's already an Ultimate Da... just kidding.

    You know, considering that this has no teaser images or snazzy taglines like "Who Do You Trust?", this ad is effective in speaking to our basest fanboy/girl instincts (well, at least to my fanboy instincts). I mean, want to know the answers to all these teases. Who are they talking about? The end of who/what? Cap's got secrets? New characters?!

    Decent, straightforward ad... as far as stripped down, lowest-common-demoninator marketing goes. Thanks for sharing!


  9. It'll be the Ultimate BeDazzler... allowing Spidey to effortlessly attach sequins to his outfit. All for three low payments of $14.95!

  10. And yet, I find I just don't care.

    The entire Ultimate line was a complete waste of time. It started out pretty good, but as it went on it just went farther and farther into "hell no" territory. The storytelling is substandard, the plots are underwhelming, and most of these "shocking" changes to old characters are bland beyond belief.

    I won't cry when it ends.

  11. Rob S. beat me to the punch. Oh well, another Bedazzler joke will have to go unheard. His is better anyway.

    How about Ultimate... oh screw it. I'm so bummed about losing my Bedazzling window of opportunity.

  12. And yet, I find I just don't care.

    YES. I read more Marvel than anything, but have zero interest in what this ad is selling.

    The thrill is gone.

  13. Yeah, sign me up to an "Ultimate yawn."

    The only good thing to come out of the line was a way to make movies without 40 years of backstory.

  14. Egads, I feel like a nerd. I actually think this looks really good. The Skrull invasion isn't over yet, so we don't know about how good Bendis is when he has a several-year long plan, but this all ties into who Norman Osborne was on the phone with at the beginning of Ultimate Spider-Man, and Bendis, who is very good, was at the top of his game in idealand at the beginning of Ultimate Spider-Man. So he has been laying this out for a LONG time. Could this be an ultimatized version of a pre-existing Marvel event? Did John Byrne or anyone ever make Cap and the Hulk related somehow? Anyway, I like Bendis, I like comic-book conspiracies, and I think this is going to be great. But it should be noted that I like Sinister Six.

  15. Why reveal the origins if this isn't the end?

    The Ultimate Titles are churning blah in everything but spiderman.

    RIP Ultimate Universe. Say hello to M2 and 2099 when you get where you're going...

  16. Is this the thing written by Jeph Loeb? Does that mean all the mutants are descended from wolves or something?

    Another Ultimate Yawn from me too - the whole Ultimate line started out great, but as time progressed, they got less good. Now they've been going for years and UXM is rapidly turing into mid-1990s X-Men under its own dull continuity-fetishism.
    At least they got Loeb to write this - that way, you guarantee fans will buy it so they can spend all their time ripping it to pieces on the internet. And it'll at least look nice, as Loeb would never risk having to carry a book solely on his own writing (even if that means having to hire Rob Liefeld).

  17. I'm with Mike Brown. I think this is actually going to be really good.