Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Matthew McConaughey As Captain America?

Cinema Blend has the scoop that Matthew McConaughey might be Marvel's top choice to play Captain America in the proposed 2011 movie:

" One of our long time scoopers dropped us a message tonight to let me know that Matthew McConaughey may be one of Marvel’s leading candidates to slip into Cap’s red white and blue underpants. Our source is a reliable one, but at this point it’s still very early and he’s only one of the actor’s they are considering for the role. "

If this keeps McConaughey from making sappy comedies with Kate Hudson, sure, I'm all for this.


  1. Matthew McConaughey is a horrible actor and a bad choice to play Cap. I guess Kate Hudson is up for Sharon Carter then?

  2. Oh, for the love of Pete, no!

    "Yo, bro, let's go fight us some Nazi's and then go back to my place and fire one up!"

    Sorry to become a raging fanboy here, but Cap is one of my favorite characters. McConaughey just doesn't cut it for me.


    Captain America needs a shirt!

  4. "Captain America needs a shirt!"

    Oh no he doesn't! :-)

  5. I think it's a great choice.

  6. McConaghey as Cap? Did anyone see Reign of Fire? We should have McConaghey as
    Nick Fury. hahaha.

  7. I doubt we have much to worry about. Marvel just scored huge by casting a serious actor. I can't imagine McConaughey fits the bill for this role anymore, if he ever did.

    Hasn't Marc Blucas (Buffy?) been rumored for this in the past? Or was that just fanboy dreams? He does look the part...

  8. Thanks for making me blurt out a swear at work, chief...

    McConaughey's a terrible actor, so I'm kinda doubting this one.

  9. I know I could be taking an unpopular position, but I don't believe it matters a whit who plays Captain America in a movie except that they have a) a modicum of acting ability and b) a great body (Cap is supposed to be the pinnacle of human physical achievement).

    Captain America (at least the Steve Rogers version) just isn't a very complicated character. While he can be put into complicated situations where doing what's right is hard, the character himself is a pretty simple one (especially if the movie, as I would assume, uses a WWII and immediately post-thaw Cap).

    The only problem I would see with MM being Captain America is his public image affecting the suspension of disbelief. I'd probably vote against him on that basis. But, the idea that it's his acting ability that would cause problems is, to me at least, silly.

  10. The only reason Cap comes off as lacking depth is people choose to focus on CAP rather than putting a little Steve in the mix. They focus on the SYMBOL, rather than the MAN.

    Anyways, I don't think MM fits the role. I don't see him as a serious enough actor to play it, and Cap should be a stalwart fellow. Maybe Agent Quartermain is more his speed...

  11. howabout that guy who plays Adama on BSG, Jamie Bamber?

    hunky, smart, can act, built-in sci-fi cred, but wouldn't make me want to throw things at the screen.

    because we all know if MM plays Cap, it will in fact be Kate Hudson as Sharon Carter...*shudder*

    Ralph Fiennes as the Red Skull?

  12. Now, I have to point out that he was very good in the movie "Frailty."

    That said, I understand some of your trepidation. But I think the man can act. And if you picture him in a blond crewcut, I think there is a very striking Steve Rogers there.

    It's just that he's put into sappy crappy movies as the male equivalent of the "hot chick," and isn't given a lot to do. That may be his own fault for picking crappy movies.

  13. The only reason Cap comes off as lacking depth is people choose to focus on CAP rather than putting a little Steve in the mix. They focus on the SYMBOL, rather than the MAN.

    Well, at some point you have to decide where the writers leave off and the character takes over. By that, I mean that I've read a ton of Captain America over the years (when I started collecting comics, Cap's comics were the only affordable 12-cent issues I could find, so I had all of them) and Cap has always been about the symbol. There have been brief periods where he'd Steve it up a bit, but he (or the writers putting his words and actions together) almost always chose being the symbol over being Steve. At this point, it seems critical to his character that he can't really be Steve Rogers much because being Captain America is too important to humanity.

    I don't find this apparent "shallowness" to be a defect in the way the character has been portrayed but rather a key to who he is. "Steve Rogers," for the most part, has just been a way for Cap to take a day off every now and then and interact with people in public without attracting unwanted attention.

  14. Is it wrong that I'd have a problem with a Captain America speaking in a noticeable Southern accent?

    Other than that, I think he'd a little light on the gravitas. It's not that he's a bad actor (when given the right director/roles), but I just don't think he could quite reach the weight required to play that type of an icon.

    Although in fairness, I can't really think of anyone off the top of my head who would be good. Maybe Christian Bale if he weren't otherwise tied up.

  15. "I cain't promise Ah'll keep mah shirt on while fightin' this Hydra cadre, Sharon..."

    I was going to object to this until I read your last sentence. Then I decided to get on the bandwagon instead.

    Although the Jamie Bamber suggestion is a great one.

  16. Captain America is a VERY difficult role to cast. He's one of those characters where it's easy to pick who would *not* work, but it's hard to come up with someone who looks the part, yet also has the acting chops to pull it off.

    Frankly, I think they need to find a blond Christopher Reeve.

  17. He does have the jaw for it.

  18. Allow me to clarify. Even in his dramatic roles (I'm thinking A Time to Kill, which he was great in) he comes of with an air of an aw shucks, good ol'boy demeanor. And, in my eyes, that isn't Cap. I need a more ernest actor.

    My pick would have been Matt Damon

  19. Anonymous6:32 AM

    As if anyone could top Reb Brown's character-defining performance. Good luck!

  20. Isn't Steve Rogers from New York?

  21. I'm still all for an unknown. Then again, they surprised us with Tony Stark, so who knows.

    Hipster, Southern Boy Cap might work well to bring in that crossover audience.

    P.S. I still think this is bogus.

  22. I have to say that Captain America is one of my all-time favorite superheroes. I do think he's very complicated and take issue with those who think there's a difference between the symbol and the man in the uniform. The most important thing about Captain America is that he was Steve Rogers. What made Steve Rogers so great is that he didn't have to think about it. He was Captain America. For him, it was like breathing, and that's why I think Marvel will always find it difficult to put someone else in that uniform. They will be men or women in a borrowed suit.

    Steve Rogers was the symbol.

    I read Captain America back in the days Mark Gruenwald was involved in the book, and those were some of my favorite comics. In many ways, I think Steve Rogers embodied what a superhero should be, more so than any other comic character.

    There was something real to him that's lacking in the Wolverines and Supermen. Even though I haven't bought a comic book in many years (haven't had the money for it), the news of Steve Rogers' death about floored me. I just hope Marvel will have the decency not to revive him. I think a character like Steve Rogers deserves that, and it saddens me all the more at how likely it is that Marvel will eventually resurrect him.

    The tragedy of Steve Rogers was that he was a man out of his time. We're no longer a world that believes in heroes. They've all been compromised to where we don't think any man could have that level of morality to them. Heroes aren't allowed to be heroic.

    So how do I feel about Matthew McConaughey being considered for the role? Hollywood can put any man in that suit they want. It will not be Steve Rogers. He'll just be a man in the uniform.

  23. This is why I think we need an unknown. Someone like Christopher Reeve who can really bring that quality to the character.

    That said, RDJ NAILED Tony Stark. He really brought to the screen all the reasons why Tony is so cool....if an actor can do that for Cap, I don't care WHO he is...if it's in the script and can be brought to the screen, then yay!