Monday, May 19, 2008

Experiment: Let's All Vote For Brendan McGinley On Zuda

Sure, I like Brendan McGinley and Mauro Vargas's Hannibal Goes To Rome strip on Zuda --

But this is more than that.

I'm curious as to how many people we can get to vote for Hannibal Goes To Rome in the competition.

How vast is the reach of Occasional Superheroine?

See, if we get this down, then we can all mobilize and vote in Jesse Ventura as president.

Click over to, register and vote before May 30, add the comic as your favorite, and then copy and forward this email to at least two or three friends.

Be sure to write in your comments for Hannibal Goes To Rome that you were directed there by Occasional Superheroine. :-D

If you for some reason don't like Hannibal Goes To Rome, then why not try Neil Kleid's Action, Ohio and vote for it?

(Of course, if Neil wants me to do a "Let's All Vote For Neil Kleid" post, I could do that and really screw with the whole process...)


  1. I'm... confused?

  2. It will all make sense soon

  3. Ha ha.. so you ARE screwing with the whole process..

  4. I'm Brendan McGinley and I approve this message.