Thursday, May 22, 2008

Richard Dreyfuss To Appear At Comic Book Convention?!

Okay, the girls from Heroes I understand. Val Kilmer raises my eyebrows a bit -- but I get it.

But Oscar winner Richard Dreyfuss?!

Is it a sign of the recession? Is he just not getting the gigs he used to? Is he doing it for Roy Scheider?

Look, there is no shame at appearing at a comic book convention. If anything, the Dreyfuss appearance tells me that these comic cons are changing, are become more like general pop-culture festivals and less comic book-oriented. This was surely evident at the last New York Comic Con.

But Richard "The Goodbye Girl" Dreyfuss? Really? At Big Apple Con?

I will be hanging out with Captain Lou Albano, personally.


  1. Going to need a bigger con.


  2. You beat me to that!

  3. Captain Lou? I'll be kickin it with Rowdy Roddy Piper, personally.

    Get Cyndi Lauper in there and we can have some sort of party.

  4. You think that's weird? My first convention was like replacement Chrissy from Three's Company, two Shakespearean-trained extras from the Mos Eisley cantina and Art Spiegelman just dropping by.

  5. Yeah, hanging with Cyndi would be awesome. But I'd meet Richard Dreyfuss, thanks to his work in Mr. Holland's Opus... er... I mean JAWS! I'm a Jaws fan.

    Not that... other... movie.

  6. It doesn't surprise me too much; sure, he could probably get more for a movie role, but it'd involve more work. Apart from the very real problem of hand cramps from signing too many autographs (no, seriously! No sarcasm here, writing your name a thousand times can get kind of painful) it's relatively light work, and it all takes place over just one weekend.

    Getting paid to talk about yourself in front of an audience of adoring people? Oh, I'd be all over that. :)

  7. Brendan:

    You met Jenilee Harrison? I totally forgot I had a crush on her.

    ... and now I've googled her, and seen some horrible plastic surgery. Sigh.

  8. Anonymous9:41 AM it is Richard "Dick Cheney" Dreyfuss. So there is a Star Wars connection.

  9. I met Dreyfuss not too long ago. While I was at NYU, He guest-taught in order to research The Education of Max Bickford. Nice guy, knowledgeable, and approachable - and definitely entertaining to hear him tell stories about Spielberg and Jaws.

    Dreyfuss was just in Tin Man at Sci-Fi, so there is a following.