Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Perils Of Contentment

2006: Size 0

2007: Size 2

January 2008: Size 4

May 2008: Size 6

Don't get me wrong, I don't think that size 6 is overweight and I'd rather be happy than unhappy. But as I went shopping for shorts at Express today, I couldn't help but notice.

Some of this is due to being at a job you like that feeds you really, really well. How can I resist the giant chocolate chip cookie in our pantry at 3:00 when my energy is flagging? It's like offering crack to a crackhead. There is no way I can turn it down. It's a soft chocolate chip cookie. Many chips. I eat it and: instant energy! I zoom through the e-mails in my inbox. I scan the 300+ blogs on my feeds. Multiple postings. Zip, zip zip!

Is it unhealthy? Will I not be attractive anymore at 6? What if I reach 8? Will it all be over then?

I should start an exercise program.

On the up side, I actually am in possession of a bottom now. When I was a size zero, I had no bottom. But now I have one. So that's grand.

I really should start an exercise program.

I was reading in this women's spirituality magazine the other day that we should honor the belly because it is the woman's seat of power. I don't know about that, but I feel less fragile as a size 6. Size zero or two, especially at my height, is a bit fragile.

F**k it, I'm enjoying the rest of my day.


  1. I think exercise is a great idea, if you can make time for it. You'll get to keep some attractive curves, and it'll improve your mood. Yoga, freeweights, or some kinda sport.
    Stay away from cardio, honestly.

  2. Although exercise is important for cardiovascular and muscle health, for losing weight what you really need to do is watch your diet.

    This is a good read:

  3. But of course if you're not overweight and are comfortable with the way you look it doesn't matter what size you are

  4. i'm with steph: exercise! me, it totally is a boon for. self-destructive impulses? nope, i hit the gym! should i drink drank drunk tonight? naw, lets hit the gym!

  5. I hear you, Val. That's why my wife and I are buying the Wii Fit this week.

    Yeah, yeah, it's not a gym membership or working with a trainer, but if it makes us giggle about productively every day, it's worth it, right?

  6. Some friends and I put together a "fitness group" -- the idea is, we hang out and play sports to the best of our somewhat awkward abilities, have some laughs, and trick ourselves into better shape.

  7. There's a size 0? As in zero??

    Women are a mystery...

  8. There's a size 0? Really?

    Are all the clothes foil-enhanced?

  9. Actually, I think there is also something like a size 00, or double-zero.

    In NYC, it is hard to find size zeros and especially 2s on the racks for a lot of women's clothing stores. That's because a lot of the women in certain areas are aiming to be a two or smaller.

    I think if I go back down to a 4 with exercise, that should be fine. Two and zero really don't fit my frame.

  10. You should get size 007, which comes with a magnetic watch and a laser pen.

  11. as my fiancee (wife in 4 days!) tells it, sizes are REGIONAL as well, so a mid-west two is actually like a new york six...

  12. Exercise is the best. I work out five times a week on my elliptical trainer, or rollerblades, and it keeps me from going after people with a gun (not the best thing for a pacifist). No, it doesn't make me smaller, but it lets me do what I want to do, which is move!

  13. If I may leave my unsolicited opinion without cuasing offence..
    I would venture that any woman over say 4ft 10 in height is going to be pretty underweight at a size 0..
    As I understand it an American 0 is equivalent to a British size 2 and that's absolutley tiny.
    Now go you, it seems you don't want to be a size 0 again and that's a pretty healthy attitude.
    The healthy weight range for women at 5ft 3 inches in height is between 8 stone and 10 stone, dependent on build and amount of exercise etc. even then you don't start getting into dangerously overweight territory until you hit at least 11 stone. I can get the figures for other heights as well, if you want. (All taken from Slimming World, a diet club in the UK, very reputable and reccommended by doctors).
    Val you don't seem like a very short person so from a health point of view I reckon at a size 6 you are not anywhere near overweight.
    Eat chocloate chip cookirs and enjoy life, there's more to worry about than the size of your clothing :)

  14. I gained 50 pounds after I met the woman who became my wife.

    Then she put me on a diet, and I lost 60.

    Goddamn, I love being married.

  15. From what I recall, you had some major health problems back then, so it's quite possible that you were underweight before. Exercising is always good as long as you don't overdo it. Moderation in all things, you know?

    Plus, as a fan of the female posterior, I'm thrilled to hear that you've developed one. There can never be too many.

  16. They should do an all female super hero team of women based on sizes ... Size Zero could be invisible, size 2 "just a little more visible" etc ;)

    I think exercise is healthy for mind and body. If you look and feel good at a six then stay six (or 8 or 10)...Don't cut out the treats just eat a little less of em...

    I always feel better during and after a run or spin and it let's me enjoy those one or two adult beverages I like to have (oh and the occasional nacho plate)...


  17. The wife and I just started hitting the gym and running again after a few weeks off. It's so much more fun to workout with someone than all alone.

    I hope you can rope your sweetie in to work out with you. Get him some tickets to the gun show!

  18. Anonymous10:46 AM

    The healthy weight range for women at 5ft 3 inches in height is between 8 stone and 10 stone, dependent on build and amount of exercise etc. even then you don't start getting into dangerously overweight territory until you hit at least 11 stone.

    Oh, no! 11 stones could kill a person! Particularly when thrown with deadly accuracy.

    Seriously, though. I don't understand the English desire to measure in stone. It doesn't make anywhere near as much sense as measuring in pounds.

    I'll be over in the corner, now, trying to figure out how many feet go into a mile for the 800th time.

  19. I know nothing about American sizes, but wanting to lose weight because you're looking at the numbers is not good. If you've got a related health problem or your doctor says it would be a good idea, like my asthma specialist did a couple of years ago, that'd be different.

    Contentment is definitely better than obsessing over what the scales or the clothing labels say.

    By the way, I like the blue. The green text (on links and stuff) was hard to read; blue is a better contrast.

  20. Getting into an exercise routine is also good for one's general mood and outlook, I've noticed. I had gotten into a pretty good routine over the winter, and was feeling pretty confident and positive overall. In the month or so since I stopped I've definitely noticed a downturn in my mood and general outlook (which is why I'm starting back up again).

    Also, after sitting at a desk all day, it's fun to just cut loose and actually move around for a change.

  21. My husband and I came back from our fat panda honeymoon last night and bought Wii Fit this morning. Hooking it up in the morning, so some CGI lady can tell me I have a lot of work to do. But I figure against the cost of a gym membership, it will pay for itself, and pretending to kickbox in my living room will confuse the cats in amusing ways.