Monday, May 07, 2007

Super-Girl Meets Bat-Boy
(click for larger image)


  1. You know, I think Callista Flockeart put it best - "For God sakes, Ally, EAT A BURGER."

  2. Niiice having her say "Free Paris!"

  3. I liked Joe Kelly on Supergirl.

    Love me some Bachalo as well. X-men with Carey and CB is better than it has been in forever and ever.

  4. Callista Flockeart said that about herself??! Weird, yet strangely in character.

    Just HOW many facial expressions does Nightwing have in this book? More than the ONE blank grimace on display here? (2 if you count the cover)

    Still, I suppose Nightwing's one is better all than all the many facets of Kara's scolded babydoll act (Oh, and not forgetting blowupdoll on the cover).

    I'm guessing this is one of thse BAD books we hear about, huh? ;)

  5. I really can't imagine that what you superimposed is any worse that what was ACTUALLY written in the comic.

  6. I agree with Nightwing. Kara needs to put some clothes on, and I'll take Jim Aparo's artwork anyday. :-)