Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Jessica Alba Wants To Be Taken Seriously An Actress......she says in GQ article where she poses in skimpy halter tops and bathing suits

"I hope all my new work will help producers in getting past my hotness."


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  2. Oh, the link got ate up.

    here they are

    Oh no, she's drooling!

  3. the "drooling" photo reminds me of that old joke from "Airplane" the movie: "I have a drinking problem."

  4. Sad.

    I liked her on Dark Angel, and felt she had some actual talent.

    Then she developed her eating disorder, went into turbo-slut mode and started doing anything that flaunts her looks, which are nowhere near as nice as they once were, when she looked healthy.

    She'll never get serious roles while doing photoshoots like that.

  5. So a woman should have the riht to be as sexually agressive as any amn but the moment they do self described "feminists" will no longer take her seriously.
    Internet connection - 29.995 per month
    Computer - 800 USD
    Seeing yet another example of femist hypocracy - priceless.

  6. I suppose there could be debate on this point, but my definition of aggressive doesn’t involve cuddling plush pandas.

  7. Well, can you really take anyone involved with the blockbuster smash "Honey" seriously?

  8. i saw the second Fantastic Four ROTSS trailer for the first time today - the one where they talk to the high ranking army official and later it features the fantasticar...

    ... during the conversation with the army officer the camera pans to Ms. Alba...

    ...and she looks just like a f*cking OLSEN TWIN.

    what happened to the stunning girl from dark Angel?