Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Die Bart, DieYes, I'm mean. Loved Bart in "Young Justice." But now he must go, goodbye Bart, goodbye.

Barry Allen = fan favorite
Wally West = eh
Jay Garrick = interesting
Bart = no

Paging John Wesley Shipp, the sexiest Flash EVER:


  1. i like Bart in Teen Titans, Wally West all the way for Flash.

  2. No, that's just German for "The Bart, The."

    Just make him Impulse again. We all liked Impulse.

  3. Ever since the Titans: Graduation Day, Bart has really sucked as a character. The Titans reboot where they turned him from happy-go-lucky Impulse into angsty Kid Flash minus one kneecap is what sealed the deal an made me hate him.

    When Wally and Bart disappeared during the Crisis and only Bart came back, I was a little tweaked. When Bart relaunched the Flash title, I was downright pissed.

    Wally West was the Flash I grew up with, the one that started off as a womanizing, self-centered heel and transformed into a family minded (in both the Linda and Flash family sense), selfless, blue collar hero. Wally as the Flash was my absolute favorite superhero, and his book was always the first read on the top of my stack.

    After years of stories and building a personal connection to the hero, he got yanked out from under me for, let's face it, no good reason, and replaced with someone who really didn't have the experience or even want to be the Flash.

    As much as I loved Impulse and Young Justice, if Bart dying is what it takes to bring Wally back, then I'm all for it.

    As for Barry Allen, anything other than keeping him dead would absolutely, positively cheapen his sacrifice during the Crisis and the character as a whole. If DC does that, I'll be even more pissed than when Bart put on Barry's suit.

  4. To be fair, Most of the Young Justice cast were better characters when PAD was writing them as vehicles for his DC in-jokes and digs at pop culture. He seemed to avoid doing anything too permanent with anyone in case it impacted on continuity outside the book, but this status quo lent an air of Peter Pan-ishness (or at least the sense that kids believe they'll live forever) to the book that Titans has always lacked in it's quest to be grimmer and darker - missing the whole point of comics as something fun.
    Bart is a different character, Wondergirl is a different character, Connor was a different character - but crucially, they all became less interesting to read post YJ.

    Possibly the idea was to make them seem like they'd grown up and matured in some way in the transition between YJ and Titans, but a single event wouldn't be responsible for that happening - maturity doesn't happen overnight. Perhaps the plan was to reveal that they'd been mentally traumatised by the events of graduation Day?

    So yes - wearily I must agree: Bart Allen must die. Preferably with the rather anaemic Wondergirl for the YJ hat-trick.
    Nothing against Robin, Cassie, or Empress (whatever those last two are up these days), so keeping them around for the inevitable Young Justice Reunion miniseries doesn't bother me much.

  5. He seemed to avoid doing anything too permanent with anyone in case it impacted on continuity outside the book

    Cissie would, I think, disagree with you on this. As would Secret.

    Empress is currently a member of the Shadowpact. (And with white skin due to an idiot colourist IIRC). Cissie was last seen forcing her principal to let Cassie join the school with her and Greta.