Thursday, May 10, 2007

The Daily Gilgongo! For May 11, 2007
Noted Asian-American actress Jessica Biel has reportedly been tapped to play Chun Li in the new "Streetfighter" movie, according to the Latino Review. She was offered the role after such powerhouse Asian actresses as Jessica Alba and Keira Knightley turned it down. No word if Filipina actress Drew Barrymore might also be in the running.

"When Fangirls Attack!" celebrated its 400th post yesterday. Between Ragnell & Kalinara and regular "Occasional Superheroine" tipster Sammy I've been able to seem like I'm on the pulse of comic feminism for, like, months.

MTV is apparently looking for a few good virgins in, of all places, a comic book shop: "MTV is casting a fun, new documentary style reality series about relationships & dating from a male perspective. We're looking for virgin guys (21 & up) on their quest to break out of their shell & improve their love life." Um, dating comic book fan and having no problems on this front. Okay, dated comic book fan before comic book fan and had broken vagina. But not a virgin in sight.

Does this screen still show Paris Hilton cameoing in Spiderman 3?! Or just a creepy lookalike designed to distract authorities while she hightails it to Guam to avoid her jail sentence? And if Paris was a Spidey villain, what would her name be?

Newsarama interviews the man behind the "I'm A Marvel/I'm A DC" video, who wants to go on record as saying he "really doesn't hate Superman!" No, he doesn't hate Superman...he only compared him to a PC!

Brian Bolland threatens to sue fan for dissing his commission sketch online? Say it isn't so! Via Journalista!

Lastly, this piece of rare, Disney-approved poster art featuring Donald Duck teaching soliders about wrong on so many levels. But it helped cut down on wartime STD transmissions by 36%.


  1. They already made a crappy Street Fighter movie, is another necessary?

    Especially with Jessica "I got kicked off 7th Heaven for showin part of my boob in Gear and totally ruined Blade 3 to the point that even Ryan Reynolds as Hanibal could barely make it watchable" Biel?

  2. Well...I have to admit, the crappy early-90s "Streetfighter" is a personal favorite of mine. (ducks)

  3. Well...I have to admit, the crappy early-90s "Streetfighter" is a personal favorite of mine.

    I, for one, certainly can't resist the allure of Kylie Minogue as 'Cammy'

  4. Superman = PC


  5. I always used Chun-Li when I played Street Fighter II. She kicked butt.