Thursday, May 24, 2007

"If Perez Hilton Rated Comic Book Covers"

"too much Zatanna crotch"

"tasteful knickers"

"slut no more!"

"but what you don't know is that in the very next scene they totally get out of this and kick ass"

"bad news is, you're defeated. good news is, you have a *haut* butt. glass half empty, glass half full."

"I want to tap some of *that*. On a cracker. And he can bring the utility belt."

"she totally wants you. yes, *you*"

"it's ok when a woman does it to another woman."

"camel toe!"

"what you don't realize is that in the very next scene he's rescued by the Heroes For Hire"


  1. is funnier and more orginal, perez's homely gay ass just steals from michael k

  2. Personally, I used to really like the fashion-oriented, though after a while the female-chauvinist-pig style misogyny started really getting to me.

  3. I knew Zatanna had magical powers, but to actually be able to detach her legs from her hips like that? Wow.