Thursday, May 03, 2007

I Want My Spiderman TV!

In tribute to the premiere of Spiderman 3, here is a selection of choice webslinger clips, carefully handpicked, waxed, processed, and presented for your time-wasting pleasure.

"I'm a Marvel...And I'm a DC"

The Physics Of Gwen Stacey's Death

Tobey Maguire Meets Chuck Norris

Venom 101

Mary Jane Tryouts -- For David G.


  1. I've seen the "I'm a Marvel/I'm a DC" shorts before at, but that lost Mary Jane audition was a real find. They'll probably be recasting for the Spider-movies soon, so don't give up hope! :-)

  2. Mary Jane Tryouts -- For David G.

    Very nice!

    You'll certainly make my 'callback list'


  3. "You'll certainly make my 'callback list' "

    Definitely sounds good, especially since the role of "Beverly" in "Howard the Duck 2: Master of Quack Fu" just fell through for me.

  4. Needs more confidence - OWN that line, VSG!

    But yes, we will be calling you back on the part. ^_~