Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Misogyny R' Us
Now you can buy your very own collection of misogynist action figures!
Intimidate your HeroClix!
Scare your annoying sister!
Tell your teacher to p**s off!

Stuntman Mike
Patrick Bateman
"Rapist No. 1"

Beating Dead Horse

David G. came up with one more:
"Mommy, I want an action figure
of the guy who slugged Janet Van Dyne"
"Well, you just blew your allowance on
Rapist No. 1 & Black Mask...maybe for Christmas."


  1. Although I find the fascetiousness a bit much....

    "Well, you just blew your allowance on Rapist No. 1..."

    That made me laugh out loud.

  2. Call me a bigot, but it strikes me that most negative aspects of the comic book market are magnified sevenfold in the Expensive Action Figure market.

  3. Just a question, from what Baum story is that horrible statue supposed to be from?

  4. Never mind, just looked it up on google.

    Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with Todd McFarlane? O.o;;

    *Goes to listen to the soundtrack to "Wicked."*

  5. how does that have anything to do with the wizard of oz? seriously todd mcfarlane should just disappear

  6. Holy crap, what's going on with Yellow Jacket? It's like he's morphing into some sort of hideous asshole bug.

  7. I am as big a fan of Brett Easton Ellis as you can find. Making a movie out of such a dark (black) satire as American Psycho is questionable in the first place - but a toy? An action figure? If Ellis were dead he'd be spinning. As it is, his last book was partly about the consequences of having created such a deathlessly despicable character and living with the reverberations of fictional violence in the physical world. So - yeah, I doubt he would have signed off on that bit of merchandising.

  8. I personally think that probably 90% of American Psycho's readers are more interested in the spectacular and often sexual violence than in the satire. I question the use in writing a book like that, it fills no purpose except making the world a darker place. And filling the authors bank account. And i don't think the satire works. For sure the yuppified consumerist society of the 80's sucked, but it didn't create monsters like the hero of this novel. Only serious mental illness does.

  9. Yellowjacket, one time, in the middle of a nervous breakdown, slugs Janet, and it's never forgotten. What about the Avengers standing by while letting a brainwashed Ms. Marvel go off with her rapist? Do all those other Avengers get a pass?