Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Daily Gilgongo!
For May 16th, 2007: "Because there are more important stuff"

Bug that looks like Iron Man's face. You know, just because. Thanks, Mr. David the G.

Funniest Movie Death Scenes Ever:
you'll never think of "garbage day" the same way again.

Mike Gold over at Comic Mix theorizes that rap music has "taken the bullet" for the comic industry.

"Ms. Beatnik" of 1959 Finalists. The woman at the far right looks disconcertingly like my mother. Actually, I think it might be my mother.

Spiderman, Superman, and Batman all team up in the Indian adventure, "Nagraj V. Shakoora the Magician." I'm really proud of how DC & Marvel put aside their petty rivalries and teamed up to make this book happen. Via Alan Hunt's site.

Batwoman Kathy Kane is saluted as a "Groovy Chick" over at The Absorbascon. How bold was she? "So bold that she decided to become a crimefighter, without even a scarring childhood loss to motivate her." Take that Batman, you wimpy putz!

Finally, "If you have it, you don't need it. If you need don't have it."

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  1. Why no link telling me where i can buy those Batman Chuck Taylors????

    I used to have a pair or Chucks (now i have a pair of knock-offs; a mortgage makes you less refined in footwear choices), and as i was leaving a movie theater, this random guy yelled at me: Hey! You're rockin' the Chucks! I love you, man!