Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Oh, My Stars & Garters

A customized Slave Leia action figure made to look like a "Marvel Zombie"

The text from Toyfare:

"Hideous? Yes. Still sexy? Ashamedly, yes. Do you want to know how it’s done? You bet your midi-chlorians you do!"

via Journalista

See, this is why Comics Journal acts so snotty about the whole Wizard thing.

She's enslaved -- and she's dead! Dead sexy, that is!


  1. "Still Sexy? Ashamedly, yes." Nice to know that necrophilia has made the approval list at Toyfare. Guess I'm out of the fanboy loop. I can't find any zombie sexy. Must be something wrong with me. Looks like Ed Wood was ahead of his time.

  2. now that is fucked up. it makes me feel ashamed to be a guy when so many are fucking things up for the smarter ones. the jerkoffs at wizard need to be smacked around seriously. though they weren't anything to be taken seriously as they have always catered to the lowest fanboy desperate mentalities. so i'm not shocked...more like disappointed at every turn that wizard does idiotic shit like this. it just makes everyone look bad comic fandom wise.

  3. Count me as another one of the smarter ones: This thing does jack shit for me.

    Thanks for the unintentional shout-out, though:

  4. I wonder if "female" is all it takes for Wizard to label something as sexy >.>;;

    Sometimes it seems like it.