Thursday, May 17, 2007

Wonder Woman: She's Angry. At Men. Can You Tell?

Wonder Woman, from All-Star Batman and Robin #5:

"Out of my way, sperm bank."

"It leaves a bad taste, this world of men."

"Men. They can't do anything right."

"Men always lie. About everything."

"Men always make a mess. Out of everything."

"Shut up! You call yourselves men?! Shut up!"

She's a strong, liberated woman. So she's rude and sexist. And the men just take it. Because it's hot, yo.

Also, her dialogue has a certain sexual connotation about it..."sperm bank," "bad taste in my mouth," "men can't do anything right," "men always make a mess." And in the end, she passionately kisses Superman (who she has spent the last few pages verbally castrating).

Welcome to the world of Frank Miller. His writing is far too ironic and hip for you to possibly appreciate in this lifetime. So don't even try.


  1. She's a complicated man and the only one who understands her is her woman...

  2. After Dark Knight Strikes Again I'm shocked he still gets work in mainstream comics.

    Also, All-Star Batman & Robin #5 is, what, a YEAR late? Does anyone even still care about this book?

  3. I was done with Miller after the second issue of Ronin. I read the first issue of All-Star Batman and Robin because a friend foisted it on me and said I would love it.

    He was wrong.

    Miller, like John Byrne, is someone who works best with a strong editor who reins in his excesses.

  4. It's seriously one of the most unintentionally hilarious comics I've ever seen. Not enough so to pay for, mind, but it's great for flipping through at the shop.

    Assuming it's unintentional, of course. Given that the issue has taken a year to come out, he could be well in on the joke that is his Goddamn Batman by now.

  5. I'm convinced that Miller is making the book as horrible as he possibly can on purpose, just to see how far DC will let him go before they draw a line somewhere.

  6. I lost it with Millar around 300 issue 1 but...

    He's written some damn fine comics as a result I'm inclined to agree with Kevin...

    "I'm convinced that Miller is making the book as horrible as he possibly can on purpose, just to see how far DC will let him go"

  7. I ignored this comppletely when I was at the shop.
    But this sounds so awful that I've just got to take a look. Not pay for it, mind you (I don't want to enable this crap) but just a look-see.

    DC shouldn't give Miller work. They should give him a restraining order.

  8. Oy.

    "I'm the Goddamn Batman" was the best line they'll get out of this book.

    It got as good as it could be in that one panel.

    Next, please.

  9. I really keep telling people to vote with their wallets, but they keep buying it, saying "the best comedy," or whatever. Feh. It isn't even comedy. Watching a guy fall flat on his face is old hat in this industry.

  10. Wow. Thanks to your round up, I got to see this post, which I missed the first time around.

    I write a Wonder Woman podcast and I am sort of glad I have ignored all things Wonder Woman since Rucka's run.

    Susan Bridges