Sunday, May 06, 2007

Fun With Keyword Searches

Here's a list of the keyword searches that led people to my blog this afternoon. I always find this fascinating, as most of the keywords are for superheroine porn/misogyny. Now look, I'm not banging the drum and saying,"this is wrooooong! oh God, the world is ending! someone typed superheroine boob!" But I do find it interesting.

The first keyword search phrase is,
"punching superheroines"
This phrase was typed in twice in Google. Does the user mean, superheroines punching things? Or, which I kind of think is more likely (based, if nothing else, on the rest of the keywords), superheroines being punched?

The next I'm going to group together, as they are related.
"supergirl horny"
"supergirl minor sexy"
I know there has been a lot of head-scratching recently about that DC Direct f**k-doll Supergirl mini-statue. "Who would buy something that exploitative?" Well, at least we have two customers right here.

"power girl raped"
That's pretty ugly, isn't it? And yet the keyword "rape" in association with superheroines are quite popular -- they are listed in the recent keyword searches for my blog almost every day.

"wonder woman boob"
Now, this is fairly innocuous. It's almost rather quaint.

"superheroine distress"
This is another popular one. There is a whole cottage industry of soft-core porn sites dedicated to this topic. In fact, if you do a Google search on "superheroine," my blog comes up like third or fourth -- the first handful of results are always porn.

There are two search terms left for today --
"occasional superheroine"

Actually, I get the search phrase "occasional superheroine" a lot, and that actually makes me feel kinda good.

Then I'll get a search term like "Nancy Pelosi topless" and that kind of spoils things.


So what, if anything, can we infer out of this list of keyword searches?

One thing that's pretty clear to me is,
There are a lot of people out there that want to see superheroines raped.
This is based on reading these keyword searches on my blog stat meter regularly.

Let me say that again.

There is a fair number of people out there that want to see superheroines raped, humiliated, abused, beaten, punched, whipped, burned, and shot.

There is a market for it.

And there are also lots of people who want to see Power Girl with her top off. And you know, that's ok.


This isn't a call for censorship, ratings, finger-pointing, anything. This is a call to nothing, I'm just observing.


  1. Wow, I am stunned Maybe I am just naive, in fact I am almost certainly naive, but the fact that such violent search terms are so popular are shocking. Clearly (male) society has a long way to go on the misogyny front.

  2. There's LOTS and LOTS of "superheroines in peril" sites actually :(

    LOTS :O

    If you do a google image search (with the filter off) for just "superheroines", those sites are like all the first hits :(

    I also get a lot of search results looking for supergirl raped and stuff too! :O

  3. On the whole superheroines punching thing:

    There is this site: Supergirl Uplifting, which is billed as a site with:

    "Pictures of Supergirl, Mary Shazam, Wonderwoman, Powergirl, Batgirl and other Superheroines uplifting, grabbing, carrying, cradling, saving, punching ..."

    It's billed third after this blog by using the keywords "superheroines punching" and/or "punching superheroines"

    So, I'd give that search the benefit of the doubt above the others, which are inexcusable.

  4. Yeah, that's what our stats look like, too. The top searches are always some combination of sexual violence and women.

  5. yikes... wanna know what my blog gets from google searches??

    "daughter is a bitch"

    "newslined" (yay people know it)

    " "lung cookie" marijuana "

    "blogspot sharted"

    And that was just last month... so yeah it goes... I get some pretttyy funny ones!