Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Will OS Manage To Explain This Cover Away As Just Another Harmless Homage To A Earlier, Kinder & Gentler Time In American Pop-Culture That We Shouldn't Get Our Panties In A Twist About?

Well, she's going to give it her best shot. But she has a lot going on at work at the moment, so it may take a few days to come up with something.


  1. Who knew tenticles could unzip costumes?

  2. Lisa,

    Actually, I just saw a little news blurb on the Discovery channel about an octopus who was taught how to open a twisty-bottle in order to get to the food inside. I think the video is floating around Youtube somewhere.

    Oh, those wacky prehensile tentacles.

  3. I'am fairly sure that it is some kind of homage to Japanese tentacle-rape-themed hentai... the tenctacles and barely dressed lady characters in the cover pretty much gave the clue bout that...