Thursday, May 10, 2007

"Is This In Continuity?"

I pick up a copy of Alex Ross's "Justice #11 at the comic store and ask the store clerk:

Me: "So, is this in DC continuity?"
Clerk: "It might be."
Me: "Is this in current DC continuity?"
Clerk: "It quite possibly might be in current DC continuity."
Me: "Does this story have any impact on current DC continuity?"
Clerk: "It's very possible."
Me: "Is this an Elseworlds or something?"
Clerk: "Not exactly."
Me: "So it's in continuity?"
Clerk: "Kind of."
Me: "Okay, Supergirl is wearing her puffy-sleeved disco outfit here."
Clerk: "Apparently."
Me: "'m going to just pretend it's in continuity."
Clerk: "Can I interest you in the two volumes of hardback reprints--"
Me: "NO!"


  1. I wanna get the two hard backs, but no this is NOT in continuity...

  2. It was my understanding that Justice was an homage to the old "Challenge of the Super-Friends" show. I know it's definitely not in continuity.

  3. It's in *my* continuity. Your mileage may vary!