Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Nicole Richie: Only Anorexics Can Attend Her Party

From her party invitation, according to The Daily Telegraph:

"There will be a scale at the front door. No girls over 100 pounds allowed in. Start starving yourself now. See you all then!!!"

Her publicist goes on to tell In Touch Weekly that Nicole was just having a little fun.

Well, that's just awesome.

I'm so glad Richie can stare death in the face like that and just laugh it up. Too bad she's taking down so many teenagers who idolize her with her.

Her dad is the guy who sang "Say You Say Me" and "Dancing On The Ceiling." Doesn't he have any frickin' authority over this chick to make her gain some frickin' weight?!


  1. sad. thats disgusting.

    and kara/supergirl was never THAT skinny!!! ;)

    homegirl needs a burger STAT!

  2. Rib cleavage. *BARF*

    She must be auditioning for Skeletor in the upcoming live-action He-Man movie (as if the Dolph Lundgren one wasn't enough).

  3. "Rib cleavage" -- OMG!

    it's true

  4. Skeletor! Indeed!

    I doubt that anorexia is anything to laugh about though. It does seem like Nicole isn't taking her problem to heart--although if she looses much more weight she'll be able to watch it beat in her chest.

  5. If she can be considered a sort of victim to some pressures existing in our culture towards women and their bodies, exactly how is she to blame for those who are as she is? And will those girls in term be blamed for others that do as they do? Isn't that all... missing the point? Aren't victims, first and foremost, victims? Am I missing something?