Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The Sound Of 10,000 Fanboys' Heads Exploding
A gaggle of Slave Leias at Star Wars Celebration IV.

Oh, and there's video, too.

Okay, how does Marvel get ripped a new one for the MJ statue but the whole "Slave Oola" thing never gets slammed?

She's Princess Leia Organa -- stateswoman, hero, rebel. AND SHE'S IN A SLAVE COSTUME! CHAINED BY THE NECK TO A GROTESQUE LUMPEN MASS!

More curious -- the apparent enthusiasm these fangirls (and fanboys' girlfriends) to dress up as said character.

I mean, even Rachel did it for Ross!

I, for one, would never dress up like Slave Leia for any man.

But I might do Firestar.


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  2. It should be noted that Princess Leia did kill Jabba the Hut with the very chain she was imprisoned with. So couldn't you argue that the outfit has both servitude and empowerment implications? Similar to Wonder Woman's armbands.

    Also, was she captured or did she let herself be captured? (It's been a while since I've seen Empire Strikes Back)

    {Sorry for the repost, but previous post had some serious errors}

  3. I've always felt ooky about how fondly people remember and excuse that outfit. It really bothers me when women fall into that trap. Just because something makes sense within the context of a story does NOT mean it's appropriate completely out of context.

  4. The little girl in the middle of the picture is disturbing the hell out of me. Suddenly it becomes the end of "Manos: The Hands of Fate."

  5. Didn't Jim Balent's wife Holly dress as slave Leia at their wedding? As I recall, the general creepiness of dressing your betrothed as a slave on your wedding day (!) was overshadowed by the fact that he was dressed as Vader, adding a creepy incest vibe to the whole affair.

    And yes, little-girl-fetish-Leia is just rather worrying.

  6. IMHO, the fact that so many find Leia's slave girl outfit sexy is more to do with your first crush - who previously consistantly covered up from heel to toe - suddenly appearing in nothing but funky underwear..

    I really can't see it being anything to do with servitude or oppression.

    and yeah, she TOTALLY kicks Jabbas lecherous slimeball arse... if the Hutts actually have arses that is..

  7. whoops! I obviously meant from neck to heel!


  8. THe gaggle of Slave Leias is fucked, even without the gradeschool Slave Leia in the front.
    Just totally fucked.

  9. personally..and i'm deffininitely the minority never really cared for the slave leia thing. i thought carrie fisher was a good looking woman but i had different tastes even at that early age. i don't really understand the obcession with the whole thing as it didn't do a whole hell of alot for me. then again i grew up with reruns of the munsters and addams family..i was more into morticia who was a stronger female influence to me. she didn't take shit from anyone and really just tollerated stupidity on the part of a submissive leia was really kind of fucked to me. though she did kill jabba with some badassery and shoot the deck of the ship they were on. still the whole concept didn't appeal to me. i'm a weirdo i guess. this mass leia slave thing would only just make me uncomfortable had i been there. mostly due to trying to dodge fanboy boners and the stupidity of the whole thing. the little kid slave leia is just beyond creepy to me.