Friday, July 27, 2007

San Diego Comic Con: Memorable Quotes

"The next time my boobs get grabbed at, I'm going to knife someone in the eye."
-- female attendee commenting on being groped at multiple Cons

"At first I thought it was amusing. But then when you pointed it out, yeah, I got offended."
-- another female convention attendee in response to my question as to whether a booth display was offensive to her as a woman.

"Supergirl gets the headband back."
-- nameless

"If it says For Girls it's probably weak and crappy"
-- teenage female comic fan commenting on the trend of "woman targeted" comic books

"I'd like to stick Iron Man in Ms. Marvel."
--Brian Reed at the "Mondo Marvel" panel

"No, I definitely find the character of Slave Leia empowering. She killed Jabba the Hutt, remember?"
-- woman in Slave Leia outfit

"Do you really believe that the character of Slave Leia is empowering?"
-- Me


  1. It's really not so much a character as much as another character wearing a rather horrible outfit and placed in a bad situation.

    I don't find it particularly empowering, but the killing of Jabba the Hutt was good.

  2. Was Brian Reed making, like, the lamest joke, or is that the worst out-of-context, foot-in-mouth description of a guest star ever?

  3. The boob-groping is why I stopped going to SD after 2005. Knifing someone in the eye usually means jail, and I have kids, pets and a husband.
    I was defintely getting to knife-in-eye.

  4. Isn't the Slave Leia in the middle the receptionist from U.S. version of The Office?

  5. The Brian Reed comment was out of context. He was referring to putting the Iron Man character's penis inside Ms. Marvel's vagina. It wasn't that he wanted to put the character into the Ms. Marvel comic.