Friday, July 20, 2007

Fangirl Fridays

San Diego, here I come

I'm leaving for California on Monday morning, and I'm really excited to be covering the San Diego Comic Con for New Rage Order. Never been to Cali, never been to the SD Con. Swimsuit is ready, nice stack o' papers for various comic booky things ready, interviews with talented-types booked, kitty-care arrangements still not solid.

Measured chaos in Casa Del Superheroine. But excitement too.

Yes, I realize I'm the same person who blogged something under the title "Goodbye To Comics" about nine months ago.

It's so funny, years ago I tried so hard to color within the lines, to plan my comic career out in detail, do everything that people said I needed to do in order to "make it." But everything I've truly gotten of value -- the gig I have now, this blog, you wonderful readers, and especially my Mr. G. -- I've got by just being my true self and rolling with it.

And that's what I'm going to do in my San Diego coverage.

Of course, for all the scheduled interviews and whatnot, the coolest stuff will probably be spontaneous, slice-of-life, etc. Just like that wonderful "Hogan Knows Best" show on VH1.

A lot of damn comics

Impending major trip not withstanding, this week in comics almost killed my bank account:

Legion Of Monsters: Morbius
Legion of the Superheroes In The 31st Century #4
All Flash #1
Justice League Of America #11
Amazing Spider-Girl #10
Captain America #28
World War Hulk #2
Avengers: The Initiatve #4
Super-Villain Team Up #1
The Order #1
Mystic Arcana: The Black Knight
Thunderbolts: Desperate Measures
Giant-Size Marvel Adventures The Avengers #1
Avengers Classic #2
Annihiliation Conquest: Quasar #1
Alter Ego Magazine #70

Yes, a stack so high even the clerk at the comic shop raised an eyebrow; though I explained I was purchasing for two. Luckily the tastes of me and Significant Other overlap to some extent, though sadly not when it comes to "Archie" & Rob Zombie movies.

All-Flash #1: An Assessment

1. The cover is unfortunate. Not a knock on Sienkiewicz's art, it's just that it's a moody piece with a terrible photoshoppy "cosmic" background. Would have done much better to use the splash page of the actual issue.

2. Karl Kerschl's art -- with the assistance of the very-talented Hories -- is excellent.

3. Karl Kerschl's art is only in 10 pages of this book.

4. This issue is like an archeological dig through the last days of the just-ended "Bart" series to see what went wrong and how they scrambled to fix it. The individual segments, in terms of art & story, just don't mesh at all. Some segments look like they were ear-marked for "Flash" #s 14 & 15, and were carved out of the scripts & married to the new Wally storyline.

5. Am I the only one whose heart doesn't leap for the requisite joy and wonder at the sight of Flash's bouncing "Incredibles"-like children in their cute superhero costumes? It feels like when they added those twins towards the end of "Growing Pains."

6. For all of Inertia's villainy, the way Wally handled things smacks of too much sadism and doesn't seem fit his characterization.

7. I was really under the impression that All-Flash #1 was the start of the new series. How many other readers are under that impression, only to find that the "old" series is going to continue with issue #231? How confusing is this?

8. I realize that the shot of Batman's outfit jumping out of the ring is supposed to be intriguing, but it's too vague and I'm more like "wha?"

9. The long and short of it is, the Waid run with Wally West sold solid and the book was never the same since; so they're just starting it up all over again, speed-brats in tow, as if the intervening years never happened. I can think of worse things than to go back to something that worked -- as long as it works. And for all of Mark Waid's skill as a writer, I don't think this book can survive without top-notch art like Kerschl's.

The Latest Outrages

Dark Horse Comics took the heat off of DC & Marvel with their "Gor" Omnibus. From the sales copy:

"Part science fiction, part adventure novel, the stories in the world of Gor would unfold to show Tarl Cabot's growth from a novice to a man whose fate might determine the course of every man, woman, and child on Gor."

Nowhere in the copy can I find reference to the fact that within this stirring Joseph Campbell-eque narrative of the hero's journey are slave women chained to beds with rings in their noses--and loving it, might I add.

Dammit, it's time to adapt Anne Rice's "Sleeping Beauty" trilogy. Somebody call Marvel.

Then of course we have the fury over "Showcase Presents Batgirl," which depicts the caped crusadress (probably not a real word, but I'd use it in "Scrabble") powdering her face while the boys do all the heavy lifting.

I'm not offended per se by the cover, just bewildered at the poor quality of it. It's a trace of a splash page from an old comic, and a charmless one at that. Surely, there could have been a better option, from an aethestic and ethical viewpoint.

However, I don't fault overt sexism for the cover. I think it was just kinda dumb and uninspired. Perhaps time constraints was another issue, considering these books were all solicited without the original cover art.


Is "The Wraith" from Marvel's "Annihilation Conquest" Really "Rom?"

Look, if this bit of craziness actually turns out to be true, let it be known that I didn't get any inside info on it, it's just the latest bit of fanboy buzz.

Besides, I think the book could only score more readers if it really was Rom. Who owns the rights to Rom, anyway?

Bring back "Crystar."

Oh, Boy!

In the latest "Countdown," Jimmy Olsen sews his own costume to become "Mr. Action!" Donna and Jason hang out with "Bob The Monitor!" Those slaphappy jokesters Trickster & Piper get out of another scrape by the skin of their teeth! And Don Rickles makes an appearance!

No, that's not true. Don Rickles isn't in this book. :-(

"Final Crisis"

Are we there yet?

...and that's a wrap! :-)


  1. All-Star Flash just struck me as Waid/DC wanting to clean up all the nasty dangling threads of the last Flash series so that when they go back to the old-series, they can sort of pretend it never happened. Inertia's fate was cruel, but appropriate (given his name) and it leaves him on the playing field for anyone that really wants to bring him back.

    As cool as it would be, I don't see how Wraith can be ROM. Seems like he acknowledged being Kree in issue #1.

    Good luck in San Diego!

    BTW, long-time reader, first-time commenter... :)

  2. I have two comics I value more than everything: My 9.7 CGC graded copy of Kingdom Come #1...and a copy of Jack Kirby's Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen with a photo collage of Don Rickles on the cover, but with no actual appearence of poor old Don within the actual comic.

    God I love Kirby.

    and Rickles.

  3. Who owns the rights to Rom, anyway?

    Currently, Hasbro.

    As cool as it would be, I don't see how Wraith can be ROM. Seems like he acknowledged being Kree in issue #1.

    Gladorians have the technology to pull it off - so, it is possible - plus, it'd explain why the Spaceknights were there.

  4. "Gladorians have the technology to pull it off - so, it is possible - plus, it'd explain why the Spaceknights were there."

    also, it would just be really neato. like when Terry Stamp played Jor-El.

  5. Gor. Omnibus.


    Why would anyone collect that shit?

    I am speechless. Not in the defense of feminism, just good taste.

    For the LOLs: Houseplants of Gor.

  6. Hi, nevermind the link in my last comment.

    I clearly should read further down the page before being witty. ;)

  7. Except that when the Phalanx scanned Wraith, didn't he read as a dead Kree? I don't remember.

  8. ROM was the second comic book series I collected. Right after Star Wars. Unfortunately as noted above it is owned by Hasbro and if you recall for the Jim Starlin Spaceknights mini a few years back they used Spaceknights left and right and the "stars" of the book were ROM's kids or some such but not once was the name ROM used. Seems unlikely that Marvel would get the green light to use him here in this context. More likely, the wraith is Don Rickles. Now THAT I would buy!

  9. Seems unlikely that Marvel would get the green light to use him here in this context.

    Well, Hasbro is making the Marvel toys these days ...

    I'm just saying ...

  10. Plus they could make him ROM without actually using the name ROM, they could just call him "the greatest of the spaceknights" or something in flashbacks, might not stand up to a legal challenge, but is the property really worth enough for it to be worth Hasbro suing?

  11. Hi Valerie-

    Hello from a fellow New Yorker! I'll be in San Diego for the Con for the first time, too! We're launching a comic book website while at the con and I'm curious if I could give you the rundown to see if it's newsworthy. We just received some nice seed funding, so we're going to have some serious comic book enthusiast tool development in the next couple of months.

  12. but is the property really worth enough for it to be worth Hasbro suing?

    Remember Hasbro and Marvel are in cahoots these days. Hasbro makes the Marvel Legends figures!

  13. Now that Bug from the Micronauts is running around Marvel again, he, ROM and Crystar should form an ex-toy support group. They could invite some of the Shogun Warriors as well.