Friday, July 20, 2007

The Green Hornet: "Knocked Up"

"Knocked Up" actor Seth Rogen slated as new writer/lead actor in the upcoming "Green Hornet" movie.

Which, right off the bat, means a few things:

1. This movie most likely will be a comedy.

2. Rogen positioning himself as next Kevin Smith.

If it's going the humor route, I'll admit I'm a little disappointed. The actual 60s TV series was actually pretty good, and I think it would have made a great big-budget action-adventure movie.

The "old" Kevin Smith -- Kevin Smith -- unavailable for comment as I did not ask him for one. It had been long rumored that Smith was to have written/directed "Green Hornet."


  1. Smith left the project because he didn't feel right or ready or whatever to handle the action scenes.

    To be honest, as enjoyable as the old show was, the Green Hornet was always over-shadowed by Kato to me. When Bruce Lee is your sidekick, and does a lot of heavy lifting, it tends to make you look ineffective.

    I wonder if Hollywood people have the same belief, and that's why they feel the need to do this as a comedy.

  2. Well, that sucks.

  3. Oh poop. Go away to work a con and I get scooped. Ah well.

    I won't see it if it's a comedy. Too many pleasant memories of Bruce Lee kicking it up and down old school.

  4. Smith left the project because he didn't feel right or ready or whatever to handle the action scenes.

    I think this was probably the right decision, as, even though I like his films, Kevin Smith's camera work leaves a lot to be desired. It's just not his strong suit at all.

  5. Most directors can't direct action scenes these days, they tend to just shake the camera and make fights look like being in a scrimmage line brawl. At least you can actually tell what's happening in a Smith movie at all times.
    I have absolutely no idea who Seth Rogan is, but wasn't there a plan to do Green Lantern as a comedy a few years ago, with Jack Black in the lead? Sounds like Hollywood is trying to make a new 1960s Batman style franchise, and they're fishing for a relevant property.